‘Summaries Won’t Do’: Over 25 House Democrats Read the Entire Mueller Report in a Marathon Fashion

In the most prominent battle currently taking place between House Democrats and President Donald Trump, over 25 Democratic representatives declared that “summaries won’t do” on the Mueller report and are taking action to let the American people “hear from the report itself.”

On Thursday, House Dems upped the ante in the battle over special counsel Robert Mueller‘s report — and Attorney General Bill Barr‘s summary that followed — by conducting a full 448-page reading of the Mueller report on the House floor.

Speaking to reporters on the effort, Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon (D-Pa.) discussed the importance of conducting this marathon-like session, arguing that if the American people can’t hear the testimonies from Mueller, Barr, and former White House counsel Don McGahn, they should at least hear the report’s language in its entirety.

Watch the video below:

“The American people need to hear directly from Mr. Mueller, Attorney General Barr, and the witnesses Mr. Mueller interviewed, including Don McGahn,” Scanlon said. “But the president is stonewalling those efforts and the American people.

“So in the meantime, the American people need to hear from the report itself,” she proclaimed. “Summaries won’t do.”

Scanlon, alongside her Democratic colleagues, continued to urge the importance of the reading, listing different aspects of the report that raise “serious questions.”

“The report is lengthy, thorough, complicated, nuanced, and raises serious questions about President Trump and his associates’ contacts with Russia and their alleged obstruction of justice,” she said. “For the next 12 hours, over 25 members of Congress will read directly from the report.”

She then expressed her hopes “that this reading will illuminate the substance and complexity of the report, and show the grave problems we need to correct to prevent a hostile government — like Russia — from influencing the 2020 election and to uphold the rule of law.”

Watch the beginning of the reading below:

A group of House Democrats led by Democratic Representative Mary Gay Scanlon of Pennsylvania read the entire redacted Mueller report in the House Rules Committee room.

A group of House Democrats led by Democratic Representative Mary Gay Scanlon of Pennsylvania read the entire redacted Mueller report in the House Rules Committee room.http://bit.ly/2LOvhHh

Posted by WLOS ABC 13 on Thursday, May 16, 2019

Although there are currently 12 hours on Thursday that are allotted for a continuous read-through of the Mueller report, some House Democrats realize this project may carry over into Friday since it is a “lengthy” and “complicated” 448-page document.

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The members of the Dimwit Party will continue beating this old dead horse until well past the 2024 election cycle. Seems they cannot accept the decisions of 19 fellow Hillary Clinton donors (i.e., Trump hating lawyers) since they didn’t get the results they were demanding in order to impeach Trump (for a yet to be determined/manufactured excuse other than he beat their sickly female, radicalized, career criminal in 2016). NO do-overs.


Do these elected representatives not know or understand that the DOJ has printed the report? Do they not also know that the report in it’s printed form is available even at anyone’s local WalMart?





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