Kayleigh McEnany Leaves CNN for Dear Leader’s ‘Real News’ Channel

Now-former pro-Trump CNN contributor Kayleigh McEnany has a new job defending the president without the nuisance of other people in the studio who might question her.

McEnany had announced Saturday that her time at CNN had come to an end:

What could this new role be? The White House has an opening for a communications director, which would seem a natural fit for someone from cable news. Though Stephen Miller might have that job locked up already. Meanwhile, an anxious nation awaited with bated breath for McEnany’s next move.

We only had to wait until Sunday, when we awoke to McEnany’s new gig: reading propaganda for Trump TV, the president’s own channel dedicated to giving you “the real news,” as McEnany says at the end of the video.

And by “channel,” we mean videos posted on Facebook containing the production quality of a project from a junior high AV club taught by an out-of-work snuff-film director in the mid-1990s.

Let’s see what history’s laziest president, according to Newsweek, did this week that McEnany and Team Trump find worthy of hagiography:

“More great economic news on Friday. The July jobs report added a better-than-expected 209,000 jobs.”

Which is not as many as in July 2016, when Barack Obama was still president and the nation, as then-candidate Donald Trump kept telling us, was an over-regulated nightmare of low growth suffering from years of not winning at anything.

“Overall since the president took office, President Trump has created more than 1 million new jobs.”

Not the economy has created more than 1 million new jobs under President Trump, but President Trump has created more than 1 million new jobs. President Trump has done nothing but ride a wave of 75 straight months of job growth that began under the last president. As we noted recently, he keeps bragging about economic growth that is really just the latest data point in several years worth of trends.

And, as CNBC’s John Harwood noted in reaction to this “1 million jobs” line from the Trump Team, average monthly job growth in the nine months immediately preceding Trump’s election was higher:

What no one ever asks is how many of those new jobs are for lawyers investigating the Trump administration. Seems like that would be a high number.

McEnany continues:

“President Trump has clearly steered the economy back in the right direction.”

Again, he has done no such thing.

More McEnany:

“On Wednesday the president introduced the RAISE Act. For decades, a steady rise in immigration has depressed the wages of American workers. The RAISE Act will increase wages, decrease poverty, and save the taxpayers billions. Americans deserve a raise, and President Trump is finally putting the American worker first.”

According to many economists and studies, that second sentence is simply not true, no matter how many adorable children Republicans use to sell the RAISE Act to the public. Even the libertarian-leaning Cato Institute has called b.s. on studies that make the claim McEnany does.


“President Trump also honored veterans as a whole with yet another VA reform package that will enable millions of veterans to receive better access to care.”

And that is it. McEnany needs 89 seconds — including introduction and ending title card — to list the president’s accomplishments for the week. What were those accomplishments? Pinning a Medal of Honor on a Vietnam veteran, taking credit for jobs growth he had nothing to do with, and signing one bill and promoting another that he had had zero hand in writing.

Trump TV so far is literally just pretty blonde women, underscored by generic and vaguely patriotic music, giving Trump credit for doing the bare minimum of his duties as president.

Trump’s old friend Roger Ailes would be appalled at this level of amateurishness.

What do you think?

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