Palestinians Are Burning American Flags, Pictures of Trump After He Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

After President Donald Trump formally recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital on Wednesday, that country was filled with joy. American flags paired with Israeli flags were a common sight in the Jewish-controlled areas. In the Palestinian areas, it was a different story.

The news sparked protests, with not only American flags being burned, but Israeli flags as well.

Protesters also burned pictures of Trump.

Palestinians started burning American flags even before the announcement was made.

Terror group Hamas has called for a day of rage over the proclamation and anticipated embassy move.

“Trump’s decision on Jerusalem will not succeed in changing the fact that Jerusalem is an Arab Muslim land,” a spokesperson for the group said. “The youth and the Palestinian resistance in the West Bank need to respond with all means available to the U.S. decision that harms our Jerusalem.”

Watch additional video below.

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