‘Feminism Can Go Too Far’: Pamela Anderson Rips #MeToo Movement and Asserts That It ‘Paralyzes Men’


During an interview on “60 Minutes,” actress Pamela Anderson explained why she feels the #MeToo movement has become alienating rather than helpful.

Anderson held nothing back as she discussed her feelings about the movement.

“I think this feminism can go too far,” Anderson said. “I’m a feminist, but I think that this third wave of feminism is a bore.”

Although she is a feminist, the actress and animal rights activist believes there are lines.

“I think it paralyzes men, I think this #MeToo movement is a bit too much for me,” said Anderson. “I’m sorry, I’ll probably get killed for saying that.”

Other people who have criticized #MeToo have faced backlash for victim-shaming and attacking women. Despite this backlash, Anderson was very open about her opinion.

“My mother taught me don’t go to a hotel with a stranger,” said Anderson. “If someone opens the door in a bathrobe and it’s supposed to be a business meeting, maybe I should go with somebody else. I think some things are just common sense. Or, if you go in… get the job. I’m Canadian, I’m going to speak my mind. I’m sorry, I’m not politically correct.”


Anderson was also very open about her status as a sex symbol and how she does not believe it is misogynistic.

“I’d rather be a sex symbol than a… not a sex symbol. That’s a compliment, isn’t it?” said Anderson. “Every girl wants to be sexy. Every girl wants to be, you know, as beautiful or pretty as they can be. I never thought of myself as beautiful. I always thought of myself as kinda cute, a little funny and maybe I’ve improved with age.”

Anderson is now an animal rights activist and is extremely outspoken about politics and popular issues.

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