Parents Outraged After Student Claims Teacher Banned Her From Picking Trump as ‘Hero’ for Project, Allows Obama

Some parents in Lake Ronkomkoma, New York were outraged when their daughter was allegedly forbidden from choosing President Donald Trump as her hero for a class project while another student was allowed to choose former President Barack Obama.

According to a report from Long Island News 12, sixth graders at Samoset Middle School were assigned a class project to choose one figure they looked up to as a hero. The students would then write up a report on why they believed the person they chose was a heroic figure.

Bella Moscato told her teacher that she wanted to do her report on the president, but she alleges that she wasn’t met with the same support other students received. She claims the teacher barred her from choosing President Trump for the project in front of her classmates and told her to find a new hero.


“She said that I wasn’t allowed to do Donald Trump because he spreads negativity and says bad stuff about women,” Moscato told News 12. “The thing I didn’t get is she was okay with someone doing Barack Obama, but not okay with doing Donald Trump. That’s what got me angry and I didn’t like that.”

Moscato’s parents were in disbelief when they heard that her request to write about President Trump was denied while another student was allowed to choose Obama as his or her hero.

Her father, Arthur Moscato spoke out about his daughter’s treatment at a school board meeting, telling the board, “My daughter’s hero is the president of our country. I can’t believe that anybody in the school would tell my daughter that something — that that guy can’t be her hero. I’m incensed by this.”

Her mother, Valarie Moscato called the incident “frustrating” and said that she believes her daughter should have had her First Amendment right to express her opinion protected in the school.

“It was really upsetting to me that she was trying to shut her down,” Valarie said.

The school’s superintendent Dr. Kenneth Graham claimed that the student wasn’t actually forbidden from choosing President Trump for the project. He released a statement claiming that Moscato’s story was “not accurate.”

However, the Moscato family told News 12 that this is an attempt to pin the story on their daughter, rather than address the teacher.

“My story is not inaccurate. My daughter didn’t lie,” Arthur said during the board meeting, adding, “No one should make a child feel that way.”

Many agreed with Moscato, with several people announcing support for the student’s project on Twitter.

In response to the chaos, the school board announced that they would not be discussing the alleged incident in public, but they would be investigating to see what happened.


  1. Lots of issues with the reporting. What is perceived to be “inaccurate”? What was the response when the parents spoke to the teacher? We have only a clip of parents at a board meeting. As per the student, another teacher was present when the denial was issued.–What is that teacher’s input? The Superintendent said the student’s perception was “inaccurate”, which is saying something is incorrect. In the provided clip, he did not say the child was INTENTIONALLY incorrect, that would be lying

  2. I have younger cousins who attended Samoset during the Bush43 years and at that time they were strongly pressured to not write about Reagan or any Republican President other than Lincoln. In fact one teacher even suggested that it was more appropriate for my female cousin write her report on the wonders of Big Bill Clinton’s presidency.

    Knowing no more than what I’ve read/heard of this incident I am inclined to believe the child and her parents.

    1. You are saying this is a standard exercise for Samoset. And the teachers past & present don’t permit Republican heroes to be selected. Being Long Island is represented by Republican US Reps, why do you perceive this is the first time this is has been made public? OR can you confirm that this issue has been publicized in the Long Island, NY media but this is the first time it has been covered nationally? Twitter & FB have been around for > a decade. Nothing stays local.

      1. Pre FB and Twitter so there’s that but additionally LI might traditionally be R but the teacher’s union (and by extension a good many of its members), then and now, is far from it.

      2. Not everyone lowers their standards to subscribe to Twitter or FB so information about things such as this will rarely make it to a real news outlet. Since our “public education system” has morphed into “Indoctrination Centers” run by radicalized “instructors”, I’d believe the child over any paid radical. Obviously this child was TOLD what she was to think; not HOW she was to think.

        1. James, I do not have enough info to judge on child OR teacher. The reporting is GROSSLY insufficient. Where is the response of the accused teacher or the teacher that the child stated is her witness? I got a quick glimpse of a form, but couldn’t read it. Where are the directions for the exercise? Where is the verification another student was permitted to write on Obama? MANY more questions than Madison attempted to answer before publishing the story.

        2. If your child came home & made this claim, would you not contact the teacher? My niece’s FIL is on the district school board of the middle school her son attends. If she has an issue with the school, she & her husband don’t call a board member. They contact the TEACHER. If they are not satisfied with the response, they contact the school THEN they would contact the school board. We have no reporting on those results. You’re making judgments based solely on bias in absence of info.

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