Parents Who Let Kids Stay Up to Watch Red Sox Win Are P%$*#! Off After Station Failed to Bleep Cussing

After the Boston Red Sox clinched the AL East Division (despite losing to the New York Yankees that same night), New England cable channel NESN live broadcasted the Red Sox’s locker room celebration.

Image Credit: Screenshot/CBS Boston
Image Credit: Screenshot/CBS Boston

However, unlike local Boston station WBZ-TV, NESN didn’t come equipped with a little red button that bleeps out cuss words when they’re said on live TV, as a local news anchor for WBZ-TV pointed out:

NESN didn’t seem to notice that along with covering the locker room celebration for Red Sox fans, they were also subjecting viewers to multiple “F-bombs” being shouted by the athletes.

And as CBS Boston reports, those parents who allowed their children to stay up to watch their favorite team celebrate were not too happy:

Although many thought NESN would be subjected to fines from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for allowing such language to filter through their channel, that will not be the case.

The FCC restricts profane content — which is not a form of protected speech — from being broadcast on network television between the hours of 6 am and 10 pm, as it is likely that children may be watching during those times. However, because cable and satellite TV are subscription-based broadcasts, these restrictions do not apply.

NESN is available through cable and satellite providers in most of New England, and through certain cable and satellite providers across the country. As a result, it does not fall under the FCC restrictions.

While some parents were up in arms, others watching the celebration, who were mature enough to hear the language being used by the athletes, felt that it was the parents’ job to protect their children from bad language—not NESN’s:

Despite becoming a trending topic on Twitter because of the debacle, NESN has yet to make a statement on not censoring their broadcast.

You can watch — and hear — some of the celebration below. (Warning: Graphic language)

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