Park Vistors Were Terrified When They Came Upon a Horse Fighting One of Florida’s Deadliest Predators

Image Credit: Screenshot/Facebook

Ah, Florida — home of nudist, cop-wrestling zombies; people who call 911 for “eating too much;” and the man who infamously took bath salts.

The news that comes out of Florida is so unbelievable, in fact, that an entire segment of “Late Night with Seth Meyers” has been dedicated to it, titled “Fake or Florida?”

And in a recently posted video of Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park outside of Gainesville, Florida, the state has now garnered a new head-turning character — an alligator-stomping horse.

Krystal M. Berry was “still shaking” when she uploaded a video of what she saw during a simple walk through the state park:

In the footage, a young wild horse appeared to be glaring down a Florida gator. But the scene quickly turned violent when the horse charged the reptile and proceeded to stomp on it.

At first, the gator tried to get away, but when the horse came back around, it fought back and bit the mammal’s leg.

Berry did note on the video that she contacted the park reserve to check on the animals when she left, but “there were no clear signs of distress/bleeding” as of her departure.

Obviously, this is not your average horse/alligator encounter.

Within hours, her post had been shared hundreds of times. And according to Berry, her video was viewed 4 million times as of Thursday:

Waking up to over 4 million views from different sites is insanity.I don't watch tv, but I heard this video played in…

Posted by Krystal M. Berry on Thursday, April 13, 2017

Despite the wild experience, she and her three friends seemed to have a nice time during their — otherwise uneventful — walk through the Florida park.

Posted by Krystal M. Berry on Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Berry, a nurse, may have assumed she would become famous for inventing the cure to a disease, but its clear that she’s warming up to the thrill of going viral.

What do you think?

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