‘You Dishonor Parkland’s Legacy’: Parkland Dad Calls out Pelosi for Bashing Trump’s School Safety Report

Andrew Pollack lost his daughter Meadow in the school shooting in Parkland, Florida — and he’s tired of the horrific shooting being used “for retweets.”

The Trump administration released the Federal School Safety Commission Report last week detailing the current state of schools in the United States after the horrific shootings that took place in schools including Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida and Santa Fe High School in Texas.

President Donald Trump called for the commission to be formed after the Parkland shooting and included parents like Pollack to contribute feedback for the report.

The commission, led by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos found that there isn’t a “universal school safety plan” that could protect every school. They emphasized the importance of partnerships between state governments and local teachers to ensure that the schools have the unique resources that they need.

The report also pointed to the role of the community to provide support to students and to speak out if they have concerns.

“Ultimately, ensuring the safety of our children begins within ourselves, at the kitchen table, in houses of worship, and in community centers. The recommendations within this report do not and cannot supplant the role families have in our culture and in the lives of children. Our country’s moral fabric needs more threads of love, empathy, and connection.”

Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) picked apart the report, claiming that the Trump Administration sunk to a “new low” in what she sees as defending gun rights over the lives of students.

“The Trump Administration ignored students, teachers and families to roll back students’ civil rights and fill our classrooms with deadly firearms.  Not only are Republicans ignoring proven research and dismantling vital student anti-discrimination protections, they have blocked commonsense gun violence prevention measures and underfunded effective school climate practices, anti-bullying initiatives, after-school programs and school counselor supports.”

Pollack, who has become an advocate for pushing attainable school safety initiatives rather than complete system overhauls, wasn’t happy with Pelosi’s response to the Trump administration’s report.

He saw the commission’s report as a good first step in correcting implementing some fixes to the school safety practices across the country, but he didn’t see Pelosi’s criticisms as anything but an attack on the Trump administration.

This is not the first time that Pollack has slammed people for using a tragedy for political means. As IJR previously reported, Pollack spoke out about the Thousand Oaks shooting in November, tweeting, “Let’s not make this a [Second Amendment] issue.”


  1. I am sorry for your loss Mr. pollack. I too would want to get revenge for my daughter. But your plan will only kill more children. Imagine a bunch of people, running around not knowing who was the “bad shooter” so shoot anyone with a gun. It would be the shoot out in the ok corral. That is not a solution, that is a problem waiting to happen. Less guns, less shooting, not more. revenge wont bring back your daughter, but your plan will only promise more victims.

    1. Yes but you pose no solution. I am not for guns in schools. Someone did and shot the place up. I think a good plan is. Check all the kids in by a certain time. Lock the school down. Anyone who shows up late has to ring in to resource officer. Cameras everywhere.

    2. It’s not revenge silly Audrey; it’s to head off other innocent sons and daughters being senselessly murdered. The murder was enabled by the Promise program. This Program is a befouled affirmative action arrangement where there are no consequences to youths’ criminal behavior. There is not one person in this entire saga who was not negligent in the Parkland deaths. And now Pelosi wants to be part of the cabal which under the banner of Resistance resists even school safety.

    3. Gun grabbing demoncrap. A gun has never loaded itself and gone around shooting people!!! People kill people.

  2. It is Time that the Names and Faces of those people are dlacked out of the media, they are not heros, yet they are Paraded around the televisions, newspapers, and radio’s simular to a hero, Most of these people are loners, who want to be remembered and have thier name up in bold print with a photo, why give this to them? CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Time Warner why are you giving this to them? you should be charged as an assesory when the next school shooting takes place.

  3. pelosi is evil like shumer and the obummers and the killary clintons. Just try to take away my guns. It won’t work out for you while im alive

    1. I second that. Maybe piglosi should look at what her party does: Bullying goes on in schools all the time! I caught my share of it and I never did anything but sling a fellow into the corner pole of the swing set and put a girl down on the floor. They left me alone after that.

    2. Why so defensive. We are trying to save childrens lifes, not take your guns. Stop being so selfish, it is not about you, but about the future generation. Stop blaming dems, no one wants your guns. We just dont want criminal, psychotic people, people with criminal history to have guns. If that bothers you than you have a history, so you should have any weapons. The constitution talked about a militia, not single people holed up in their house with weapons.

      1. You and your fellow demoncraps ARE trying to grab everyone’s guns and repeal the Second Amendment.

  4. While the politicizing of tragic events is par for the course and maddening, I truly don’t see how this was a good first step.

  5. Remember Nancy, those lumps in your stocking can be fixed by yet more plastic surgery. God forbid it’s that evil fossil fuel.

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all.

    1. You want a jerk like trump who gets facts from hannity? she is smart, why put her down. I never put down Boehner, or even waste of a speaker Ryan. What has she done to you, got you health care, protected you from the worst of trumps attempts, like guns in every school, wasting our army to build a wall that will fail. I am fair to republicans, but dont blame pelosi for anything but improved healthcare, safety net. Dont buy into trumps dems dont want security. He lies 75% of the time.

  6. If one reverses Nancy Lugosi’s argument of “defending gun rights over the lives of students” we get “defending gun control over the lives of students and a constitutional right.” FIFY Nancy.

      1. I’ve wished that myself. Unfortunately the same Congress critters who vote their own salaries, perks, and what laws they’ll obey also vote term limits.

        Merry Christmas.

      2. Why do you need a term limit to oust your representative? Wanting term limits to oust a Rep/ Senator NOT yours, is wishing to instill your will on another district/state. Nancy Pelosi & Jim Jordan are political opposites, as are Warren & Cruz. R’s would love to see Warren/Pelosi gone–D’s Jordan/Cruz gone. Their constituents disagree. Chanting “term limits” is silly. Ousting your Rep/Sen in a primary CAN be done–2018 NY14th & 2014 in VA7th. Also worked in 2018 midterm general.

        1. Again. TERM LIMITS. Here is my wish. Everyone gets 6 years including the prez. You cannot collect your pension until age 60. Only 6 % of your highest salary(like reg fed workers). We can stagger the elections. This way maybe they will work for America. The prez cannot not belong to either party. Why do we think these politicians should be lifers in public service?

          1. Devoting one’s life to public service is a bad thing??? The big money is in the private sector, not public sector. Senate elections are already staggered at 1/3 at a time and 6 year terms. Would love to see your plan for POTUS belonging to no party.

        2. I like term limits because these politicians take their jobs for granted. We have a govt shut down. If the congress/senate/president had to be elected with no guaranteed renewal, maybe they would tell trump to shut up and do his job, stop having a temper tantrum. In his case one term is enough.

          1. In their cases “shut up and do your job” is great advice and should be mandatory or no pension, benefits, etc. Yet Chuckles and Nancy continue to be re-elected.

          2. If they take their job for granted, the electorate SHOULD vote to replace them. I live in a district whose residents chant “term limits.” Our US Rep won his seat after his 15 term Rep father was faced with ethical issues. In his 7th and 8th term elections, the son had a primary challenge. He won both and the general. Trump, who ran on “term limits” campaigned for him in 2016. After being known as the US Rep for the Airlines” for 4 years, he announced he would not run again.

    1. You are twisting words and you know it. No one is taking your stupid guns. I wouldnt want one. Are you in such a dangerous area your kids need guns at schools. Do you want to live in a country like that. sounds worse than central america. Get real. Guns have no place in school or houses of religion. Those should be safe places and we dont need underage kids running around playing computer games in real life. How old are you. School used to be a safe place. We should make it safe again

      1. Was “taking your stupid guns” a Freudian slip Audrey? Talk about twisting words.
        1. I mentioned gun control not unconstitutional seizures, though that is part of the agenda.
        2. Do the math. 98.4% of mass shootings occur in “gun free zones” i.e. schools, hospitals, theaters. Even the most lunatic of criminals understands those to mean “shoot here because we can’t defend ourselves”.

      2. 3. Central America, e.g. Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, etc. have STRICT gun controls and the general populace is too poor to afford firearms. Add in corruption and Leftist governments where the army, police, and criminals have guns. Voila there lies the future of a disarmed America in the Leftist vision.

      3. How old am I? Based on your picture I’d say at least a generation or two older than you.
        Don’t talk about what school used to be unless you want to discuss the deterioration of educational standards.

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