Parkland Survivor Goes Off: ‘If You Take Money From the NRA, You Have Chosen Death’

Alex Wind, one of the most outspoken gun control activists who survived the tragic Parkland shooting, gave a passionate speech at the March for Our Lives rally in which he went after the NRA and its supporters.

“We need to come together on all fronts and push aside those that divide us,” he said. “Now, we need to get on the phone and call our representatives and push them to stop incumbency and take action. Now, we need to educate ourselves on which politicians are truly working for the people and which ones we want to vote out. Because at the end of the day, bullets do not discriminate, so why should we?”

Then Wind made several bold claims:

“To all the politicians out there: If you take money from the NRA, you have chosen death. If you have not expressed to your constituents a public stance on this issue, you have chosen death. If you do not stand with us by saying we need to pass commonsense gun legislation, you have chosen death.

And none of the millions of people marching in this country today will stop until they see those against us out of office. Because we choose life.”

“Thank you. I love you all,” Wind concluded before walking off the stage.

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