Parkland Parents Join Students’ Gun Control Activism — They’re Going After the NRA

Parkland father Jeff Kasky reportedly joined his son Cameron Kasky in fighting the National Rifle Association (NRA), creating a political action committee targeted against politicians who receive the NRA’s money.

The group, called Families Versus Assault Rifle PAC (FAMSVARPAC), sought to raise money and “remove the NRA from our political system,” according to The Sun-Sentinel.

“We are going to go up against NRA candidates in every meaningful race in the country,” Kasky reportedly said.

Families vs Assault Rifles PAC/Facebook

In addition to removing candidates who oppose gun control efforts, the group wanted to pass a ban on assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, and bump stocks.

The organization said it wanted to keep the country “safe from the proliferation of military-style assault weapons” which it described as “extraordinarily dangerous weapons.”

The group claimed those weapons were “designed for nothing more than killing the greatest amount of humans in the shortest possible time.”

Families vs Assault Rifles PAC/Facebook

According to CNN, the group’s political director clarified that they weren’t trying to take firearms like handguns and shotguns.

“We’re not about confronting the Second Amendment; we’re not taking away your handgun or rifle or shotgun. We’re just looking to take out and restrict the ownership of the civilian equivalent of an M-16,” the political director Matt Gohd said.

Parkland survivors similarly called for a ban on assault weapons and started their own organization called “March for Our Lives” which hosted an event earlier this year to call for political action in response to gun violence.

Kasky’s father vowed to not let the politicians stay inactive in the face of another shooting. 

“Every time something like what happened in Parkland occurs, one would think that would precipitate some type of action,” he said, “but all it does is it gets the politicians to say now is not the time, thoughts and prayers, let’s not politicize, over and over and over again.”

“That is going to change,” he added.

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