Parkland Dad Outraged After Realizing School Shooter Registered to Vote in 2018 Elections

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The gunman from the Parkland, Florida, school shooting registered to vote in the 2018 midterm elections — and one victim’s father couldn’t be more outraged.

Andrew Pollack lost his daughter, Meadow Pollack, during the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School back in February.

Although the gunman has admitted to the shooting that claimed 17 innocent lives, he has not officially had his day in court. The gunman is currently being held in a Broward County jail, but he has not been found guilty of any crime.

Because he has not had his trial or been found guilty of the 17 murders, he is still eligible to vote in elections. This detail allowed the gunman to be registered to vote in the 2018 elections, which he was.

Pollack was disgusted when he learned of the gunman’s voter registration.

Pollack highlighted the fact that this would have been his daughter’s first time voting but that it was stolen by the gunman.

“He’s a mass murderer, he’s already confessed and he shouldn’t have the right to vote,” the father told Fox News.

Not everyone agrees with Pollack, however. Some took to Twitter to confront him about his views on the gunman’s right to vote:

Pollack clearly doesn’t care what his critics have to say about his outrage over the gunman’s voter registration.

“To allow him to register to vote when my daughter can’t, it’s like sticking a big knife in my heart,” Pollack told Fox.

Florida officials just announced a statewide machine recount of votes in the Senate and governor’s races, with Broward County, again, being the epicenter of controversy.

Pollack has been outside the county office demanding transparency as the votes are recounted.

The recount was issued Saturday morning, and election officials have until Thursday afternoon to send their machine recount totals in to be confirmed. In addition to his work outside the county office, Pollack has been working to recruit Republican volunteers to oversee the recount.

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(continuing) Big news to Mr. Pollack, the people of the state of Florida just approved an amendment to the FL constitution to restore voting rights to to felons after they have served their sentence. Murder and sex offenses are excluded.

Mr. Pollack seems to have missed that Nickolas Cruz registered as a Republican.


While I can sympathize with Mr. Pollack’s disgust that the murderer of his daughter is allowed to vote I am equally disgusted by his lack of of concern for following the law and upholding the Constitution. The law only excludes people convicted of a crime from voting not those who have been accused and not found guilty.

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