Parody Twitter Accounts Mocking Anti-Trump ‘Antifa’ Protesters Spring Up — And They’re Hilarious

“Antifa” is an abbreviation for “anti-fascist.” The anti-fascist movement began in Europe in the late 1920s, and today, antifa organizations exist throughout the U.S.

One antifa Facebook page defines the group’s focus as “promotional, informative and practical ways of struggle against all authoritarian ideologies and groups promoting any kind of oppression, particularly against Neo-Nazism and right wing radicals.”

It comes as no surprise that antifa adherents are not fans of President Trump.

In response to antifa anti-Trump protests, parody antifa Twitter accounts have sprung up — with predictable hilarity. Part of what makes the parodies funny are the locations of the various “chapters.”

Like Mar-a-Lago:

Laguna Beach:

Cape Cod:


Martha’s Vineyard, of course:

And Beverly Hills:

While others are focused more on the issues that really matter to antifa groups:

Or antifa training sessions:

And some, on the hypocrisy of “wealthy leftists” protesting against “fascism”:

Finally, some parody accounts just took a direct shot at antifa:

In “related news,” Malcolm Harris, writing for Pacific Standard, calls antifa — anti-fascists — “the most reasonable people in America. Something to do with fighting “white supremacy” and the “malicious agenda” of the “Trump cabal,” he says.

Meanwhile, please stop giving wedgies to the antifa crowd. They really hate that.

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