NYC Police Union President Tells Politicians to ‘End the Demonization’ of Cops Amid Officer Suicides

The president of the New York City police union sent a clear message to the politicians amid the suicide deaths of two more New York City Police Department officers.

In a video posted to Twitter on Thursday, New York City Police Benevolent Association (NYC PBA) President Pat Lynch told the “politicians” saying the rising number of police suicides is “a crisis” to “just stop.”

He pointed out that the NYC PBA has been “very clear” that they need “mental health benefits to cover the high-quality, professional treatments” and to “accommodate” them when they are “in crisis.”

Lynch then demanded that the politicians stop the “demonization” of law enforcement officials and to “treat” officers “like professionals” before torching the politicians for “offering none of that.”

“Stop destroying the careers of cops who reach out for help. End the demonization and anti-cop rhetoric,” said Lynch. “Reduce the bureaucratic torment of the job rather than adding to it all the time. Pay us like other police officers and treat us like professionals. You are offering none of that.”

Watch the video here:

The NYC PBA president went on to blast the city’s officials for “continu[ing] to grandstand” using law enforcement officials while “find[ing] new ways” to inhibit their work and saying their efforts to raise awareness to the increasing number of police suicides in the city will not “make up for it.”

“Instead, you continue to grandstand on the back of police officers and show up when we’re dead. You continue to find new ways to undermine our work and torture us every time we report for work. And you think that a few tweets and mental health awareness posters will make up for it? Well, it won’t.”

Lynch also proclaimed that the officers were “under siege from all directions” and called on them to stick together and not “permanently walk away” from those who “love” them.

“We’re under siege from all directions,” said Lynch. “And the only defense we have is each other. Never, under any circumstance, should you permanently walk away from the people who love you. And yes, that includes us, your brother and sister police officers.”

Two NYPD officers committed suicide this week, raising the total number of police suicides in New York City to nine.

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Jay D
Jay D

I don’t buy they just committed suicide for no reason other then their job is stressful. Cops usually commit suicide when they are about to be indicted for something illegal they were caught doing and facing serious jail time. Who were these 2 cops and were they under investigation for anything at all? Cops are under a magnifying glass because of their and their fellow officers actions. Not because people just want to demonize police. Good cops don’t have anything to worry about. It’s the bad and corrupt cops that the public and people have issues with and with all… Read more »


Never going to happen. The only thing Dems hate and vilify more than President Trump is POLICE OFFICERS. It’s disgusting when they denigrate their performance, ridicule them, and tell the public to call them out on ANYTHING they don’t agree with. Their job is difficult enough without getting support and respect from Democratic politicians. The shooting of the six police officers over the weekend is a perfect example. What the local newspapers and local newscast DIDN’T report or show was while the cops were under attack from the gunman, they were also being attacked, harassed and physically assaulted by the… Read more »


The atmosphere in the past 10 years has been very sad for the police. My parents taught me to respect the police even when you’re caught speeding!! Not too sure that respect has been imparted on children for quite some time. Watching these street incidents with water, cursing and name calling makes me wonder why anyone would want that career. Politicians needs to support them not use them as political tools.





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