Rand Paul Calls out Liz Cheney Over Her Criticisms of Trump’s Plan to Leave Afghanistan

Two top Republicans, Sen. Rand Paul and Rep. Liz Cheney, are in a spat over President Donald Trump’s plan to leave Afghanistan.

Despite a failed meeting attempt with the Taliban, President Trump is considering the best way to remove troops from Afghanistan after being at war for nearly 18 years. The president recently removed John Bolton from his position as national security advisor with many noting that the two had clashed over Middle Eastern policy.

Paul was vocal in his celebration of Bolton leaving the White House, as IJR previously reported. Cheney, on the other hand, turned her criticisms to Paul, calling him a “big loser” when it comes to his opposition to war.

Paul then made it personal, reminding Cheney that her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney was a major advocate for both the Iraq War and the war in Afghanistan. He also claimed that the Cheneys have been working against Trump’s agenda from the beginning. The congresswoman didn’t take these jabs lightly, firing back by ripping Paul’s failed presidential bid and calling out his own “anti-Trump votes.”

During an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Paul responded to the controversy.

Watch Paul’s response:

“I think this is a big issue, whether or not we should stay in Afghanistan. I can’t meet a general that could clearly tell me what our national security interest is in Afghanistan. Most of the military — over 60% of the military who served in Iraq or Afghanistan — now think both of the wars should come to an end. So I think the president is right to do this but we have to call out the Republicans preventing him. This is the Bolton-Cheney wing. Dick Cheney, to this day, still thinks the Iraq War as a good thing. The Iraq War, President Trump has said, was the biggest geopolitical blunder of the last generation. It destabilized the Middle East, it increased the strength of Iran, it tipped the balance towards Iran. There really was nothing good about the Iraq War and Dick Cheney, Liz Cheney, John Bolton — they still don’t get it. They are still advocating for more regime change in the Middle East.”

Middle Eastern policy continues to be an issue that divides Republicans and Democrats alike. Across the aisle, 2020 candidates have passionately disagreed on the policy matter, too.

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  1. >Generally Always Confused<

    You've obviously been asleep and have not seen how THIS President is leading the United States and helping ALL Americans by wiping out a lot of the policies of Marxist #44's Administration. Rather than being the Third World Sh**hole the Kenyan wimp planned, America is back on top as the World's leader thanks to the GOP and our GREAT President Trump. You should really put down your dolls and pay attention.

  2. Several Never Trumpers have 97% voting records with Trump. Sanford, Flake and Corker to name 3. Cheney, Cotton, Bolton and Pompeo have been pro-military action against Iran for years. None of the 4 have ever admitted the Iraq War was a mistake. Some people learn from mistakes…some double down.

  3. Holy shit why is Trump entertaining any idea to give Afghanistan back to terrorist who just killed four more of our military I am in disagreement with this I understand he wants to get out and this is a campaign promise but it might have to be broken this is why Bush senior was smarter than his son he knew to get in and out

    1. Because King Donald The Loser hires “the best” people as advisors, you know. They confuse him so easily.

      This is what happens when we elect somebody who has no plans to lead us.

    2. So, if Bush senior was wise to “get in and get out” why is Trump wrong to want to exit that dung-hole now? Get out, bring the troops home, avoid foreign entanglements. If we never had fought Gulf War I then Bin Laden has no reason to ever attack us in the first place. Gulf War I was stupid from the get-go. Saddam had even asked the US State Dept if we would have any objection to him taking Kuwait. We said no and in he went. Then all of a sudden he is the Devil incarnate, despite being a tremendous counterweight, for us, against Iran. No, we never should’ve gotten entangled in any of this mess in the first place. Get out now, bring the troops home and let them slug it out over there like they have been doing for centuries.

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