Paul Ryan Tried to Peddle His Documentary But The Internet Laughed Him Out of Washington

Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is doing his farewell tour, as he prepares to leave Washington after only two years of President Donald Trump. The outgoing Republican, who has been a creature of Washington since his mid-twenties, gave his farewell speech at the Library of Congress on Tuesday and is preparing to release a documentary about his time in Washington.

Though Ryan’s future once looked bright, there’s no doubt in anybody’s mind that he was forced to surrender Washington to Trump. Under Trump, he accomplished tax reform, effectively giving billionaires the tax break they always needed.

On Twitter Ryan, wrote, “Once in a generation, you can convince politicians that the need for reform outweighs the needs of the special interests.”

It was in one of the tweets where he promoted his mini-series.

Of course, the idea that his tax bill was a victory over the special interests is laughable at best. Here are a few of the more jaw-dropping ways in which the “special interests” championed over the tax bill:

And so, it’s not surprising that the general public had a tough time finding sympathy for Ryan as he flees Trump’s Washington. Trump loyalists largely saw Ryan as weak and not willing to buy into the uglier, nationalist parts of the Republican party that the president champions. Democrats hated him because he was a Republican and his let’s-do-tax-breaks-for-the-rich policies.

Online, as Ryan posted his final messages, the outgoing speaker was met with a resounding negative social media response. Angry replies to Ryan’s string of videos far outnumbered the amount of likes or retweets.

Here are a few of the more memorable responses:

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  1. “Under Trump, he accomplished tax reform, effectively giving billionaires the tax break they always needed.”

    Needed? NEEDED?

    Billionaires don’t need MORE money.

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