Pelosi Continues to Gamble With Americans’ Safety With Childish Taunt Toward Trump on Border Security

After an on-going feud between Democratic leaders and President Donald Trump over border security and border wall funding amid the partial government shutdown, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is taunting the president with an immature offer of money that plays with Americans’ safety.

Following her nomination as Speaker of the House on Thursday, a reporter asked Pelosi if she would give “even a dollar of wall funding” to end the partial government shutdown, as IJR Blue noted.

“A dollar?” Pelosi said, laughingly. “A dollar. One dollar, yeah, one dollar.”

“The fact is, a wall is an immorality,” Pelosi continued, standing firmly against the president’s push for border wall funding. “It’s not who we are as a nation” — she then targetted President Trump as “a master of diversion.”

Pelosi’s joke comes at a time that Republicans are calling out Democrats for their hypocrisy as top Democrats have sung a different tune on border security in the past — House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) urged Democrats to “stop playing games with the safety of our country” and give an alternative, rather than just refusing a bill that includes border wall funding, as IJR Red reported.

Watch the video below:

This isn’t Pelosi’s first time taunting the president as she previously said that she does “not think that is conclusive” on the Department of Justice’s advice that a sitting president couldn’t be indicted, as IJR Blue reported.

However, despite Pelosi’s defense against President Trump and the border wall, President Trump made his first-ever appearance at a White House press conference on Thursday.

At the press conference, President Trump continued his call for border security and brought in Border Patrol agents to explain how border walls “actually work” and how in areas where physical barriers are already up, illegal immigration has dropped “exponentially.”

Democrats now lead the House, where they passed a bill late Thursday in hopes to end the partial government shutdown, however, it does not include President Trump’s border wall funding, therefore, the Republican-run Senate is not expected to pass the bill.


  1. This bitch is just so full of herself after getting her ego inflated by getting her little title back that she’s not even trying to hide her utter lack of concern for americans. Yet she will stand in her soap box and spew all day about how she loves ILLEGAL immigrants and we should just let them all pour on in. I think the real issue is she’s terrified and her party that dead citizens votes alone won’t be enough to keep them rigging elections to keep them in office.

    1. Piglosi’s wallet got a bit of inflation also. As House Minority Leader she was paid $193,900.00. As Speaker of the House she is paid $223,500.00 or $29,600.00 more. To put this into some sort of perspective her increase in pay is MORE than the poverty guideline for a family of 5 in the United States.

  2. Pelosi wants billions for abortion here and in overseas countries but nothing for border protection

    1. Speaks for itself, doesn’t it? The wall is immoral, but abortion is righteous?

  3. With Nancy making a statement like that she is not going to back down. Because she Wii lose face. I think we will be in this for the long run.

    1. President Trump can’t back down either, nor should he. My opinion is that Piglosi will blink before President Trump but I am often wrong on so many things were people are involved.

  4. Mrs. Pelosi – “immorality”, “not who we are as a nation” – Now pull your head out and ask yourself, are we a nation if we can’t protect our own borders? I think an alternative to a wall is lining up the National Guard along the border and start shooting anyone sneaking over – is THAT who we are?!?

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