Pelosi Calls Out Trump Admin’s ‘Monstrous Ambitions’ on Health Care

Nancy Pelosi

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) claims the Trump administration is declaring an “all-out war” on health care by supporting a federal judge who wants to throw out the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Pelosi’s statement comes after the Trump administration argued to a federal appeals court on Monday that the Affordable Care Act should be struck down in its entirety.

In response to the case, Pelosi released a statement condemning President Donald Trump’s administration for its attempts to undermine and cut funding toward health care.

“Tonight in federal court, the Trump Administration decided not only to try to destroy protections for Americans living with pre-existing conditions, but to declare all-out war on the health care of the American people,” Pelosi claimed.

The speaker tweeted out a similar note late Monday, affirming that Democrats will fight relentlessly to protect the health care of the American people.

Pelosi also recalled when Democrats took back the House majority as the moment when health care became a priority for Congress again.

“On the very first day that the Democratic Majority held the gavel, the House of Representatives voted to intervene against Republicans’ monstrous health care lawsuit to defend people with pre-existing conditions and the health care of all Americans,” she said.

Pelosi then pointed out Trump’s vision to cut funding for health care, assuring that Democrats will be fighting against him.

“While the Trump Administration broadens its monstrous ambitions from destroying protections for pre-existing conditions to tearing down every last benefit and protection the Affordable Care Act provides, Democrats are fiercely defending the law of the land and protecting all Americans’ health care,” the speaker said.

“Democrats will continue to fight relentlessly to protect people with pre-existing conditions and to deliver lower health costs and prescription drug prices for every American,” she added.

Despite Pelosi’s analysis that the Trump administration could cause great danger by targeting the ACA, the president tweeted Tuesday that it is Republicans, not Democrats, who are fighting for Americans’ health care.

“The Republican Party will become ‘The Party of Healthcare!'” the president insisted.


  1. What was the President thinking!

    Trump only got about 63 million votes, in 2016. He wants to take away the health care for at least 138 million covered by the ACA, he doesn’t have a replacement plan, and he still expects to get re-elected?

    I am so confused.

    1. He campaigned on Repeal & Replace, Trump claiming his healthcare plan that would cover everyone and cost less. Then he confused us with not providing it to Congress when they voted for repeal. Even more confusing was Trump admitting AFTER the election with control of both houses of Congress that “Healthcare is harder than anybody knew.” To further add to the confusion, Trump’s AG &Sec of HHS recommended NOT going ahead with the lawsuit to claim Obamacare unconstitutional.But he did.

      1. If voters are confused in 2020, that could kill them. Literally.

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