Pelosi Claims Political Disputes With the President Have ‘Nothing to Do’ With Impeachment Push

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is adamant that the current impeachment measures being taken by House Democrats have “nothing to do” with politics.

Pelosi and President Donald Trump have made their distaste for one another perfectly clear from the early days of Trump’s campaign.

Although the pair disagree on most political issues, Pelosi claims that isn’t why she is pushing forward with an impeachment inquiry.

She noted that she believes Trump violated the law and put national security at risk by allegedly calling on Ukrainian leaders to investigate 2020 candidate Joe Biden in return for their military aid.

Pelosi announced the House’s impeachment inquiry on Tuesday evening, even though the transcript of Trump’s call and the whistleblower’s report were not released until Wednesday and Thursday mornings, respectively.

Still, she maintains that this impeachment effort has “nothing to do” with the personal politics of the president. She says it’s about getting the facts and upholding the rule of law in the United States.

Watch Pelosi’s remarks below:

“On the Ethics Committee, we were trained that it’s about the facts and the law and in that case, the rules of the House. Nothing else matters. So if you have disappointment about the president being cowardly about gun violence prevention and not wanting to offend 10% of the nation who are not necessarily supportive of gun violence. Or cruel in terms of dreamers or trans or in denial about climate change. The list goes on and on. An opposition to a women’s right to choose, violence against women act, equal pay for equal work, any of those things. If you have your disagreements with the president, save that for the election. That has nothing to do with the impeachment. The impeachment is about the facts of his actions and his lawlessness, which he considers a virtue, apparently.”

Although Pelosi denies any political motivation, many Republicans don’t see it that way. Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) called the process a “political impeachment” during an interview on Fox News.

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Pelosi is correct. She’s only doing what she’s told to do by the Commie Quad Squad.





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