Pelosi Defends Baltimore, Her Childhood Home, Against Trump’s Attack

Yuri Gripas/Reuters

U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday defended Baltimore, the city where she grew up, against repeated verbal attacks by President Donald Trump, and she charged that the president’s own son-in-law was a “slumlord” there.

Trump has criticized an African-American congressman, Representative Elijah Cummings, and his district, which includes part of Maryland’s largest city, as a “disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess” where “no human” would want to live.

“The president, this comes as no surprise, really doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” Pelosi, a Democrat whose father and brother were both mayors of Baltimore, told reporters as she walked through the U.S. Capitol.

“But maybe you could ask his son-in-law, who’s a slumlord there, if he wants to talk about rodent infestations,” Pelosi said, in an apparent reference to Jared Kushner, who is married to Trump’s daughter Ivanka.

A real estate firm run by Kushner’s family owns thousands of rental units in Maryland, most in Baltimore County, the Baltimore Sun reported earlier this year.

Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski Jr. told the newspaper that the county once had to threaten the Kushner firm to get it to address code violations and other issues at its Baltimore County properties, the paper reported on Tuesday.

A Kushner Companies representative told the Baltimore Sun in a statement that it “is proud to own thousands of apartments in the Baltimore area.

“Substantial amounts are constantly reinvested in the properties to maintain a high quality residential experience for our tenants,” the statement said.

Trump, a Republican, has in recent days launched a Twitter and verbal onslaught on Baltimore, a city of about 625,000 people, many of them African Americans, known for its scenic harbor and historic neighborhoods in addition to its urban woes. It located roughly 40 miles (65 km) northeast of Washington.

Cummings, chairman of the House’s Oversight and Reform Committee, is leading a number of congressional investigations into Trump and his administration, and has criticized the president’s handling of migrants.

Pelosi and others have already denounced Trump’s attacks on Cummings and Baltimore as racist – an accusation Trump denied. The speaker noted Thursday that she had just visited Ghana, from where many Africans were shipped to the United States as slaves.

“The contributions that they (African Americans) have made have been so spectacular to our country,” she said. “So to see the president demean a great leader like Elijah Cummings, shows his own insecurity and his own lack of understanding about what progress really is.”

Pelosi, 79, was born in Baltimore to an Italian-American family and grew up there, but later moved to California. She has represented San Francisco in Congress for over three decades.

(Reporting by Susan Cornwell; editing by Jonathan Oatis)

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The city is so great that Pelosi fled to CA. Yeah, OK Nancy. I remember the riots there during the Obama admin, where businesses were burned and the mayor told the police to stand down and give them “room to destroy”. I’m sure the people were glad to hear that. She’s also the one with the DA, that tried to imprison 6 police officers for rounding up a drug dealer that ran his head into the interior of the police van to claim police brutality, but died from injuries. Baltimore has been a liberal cesspool for decades. It has everything… Read more »


for phyliss softa and your less than intelligent reply about a reader visiting cities in Kentucky and West Virginia—Which city or town in Kentucky or West Virginia with a population the size of Baltimore, is as rat-infested and broken down as Baltimore? Which city in those 2 states has received the amount of federal dollars that Baltimore has and is still in as sorry shape as Baltimore is? Name ONE!!!! I’m so sorry that this website does not work so ALL of you could read this women’s sorry-assed response. For reference, a reader commented on how bad Baltimore is and… Read more »

Patti Harrison

Well, the common folk of Baltimore agree with President Trump, it is rat 🐀 infested, crime infested, buildings are falling down, trash 🗑 is everywhere! The people want a better place to live, not just empty promises, please no talk the talk but actual walk the walk! They are truly upset by their political leaders who don’t care about their constituents!


Why is it that the Baltimore Sun,and all the local tv stations are neglecting to mention a glaring problem with the wonderful, great, Baltimore loving Elijah Cummings? Why don’t they show the video from 10 years ago where he called Baltimore City a dirty, rat infested city overrun by blatant drug deals, crime, etc? And let’s also not forget Cummings and his wife are being investigated for financial misdeeds? Our last four mayors have been fired or resigned for stealing!


Why can’t these demwites just admit when there is a problem? Instead they go on the defensive. They put labels on anyone who disagree with them. The label these days is racist. Everyone is racist unless you believe everything they do.


She also supports the puke, needles and sh!t that cover the Streets of San Francisco.


She loves it so much that she left it……..after growing up in the mayors house.

John Straub
John Straub

Anyone ask why she hasn’t defended her own district where she now represents illegals instead of actual American citizens? Her district now includes San Francisco another even bigger rat infested, city, where you find used needles on the streets everywhere, people piss and shit openly on the sidewalks. So yeah Nancy, defend Baltimore and hope the media ignores another Democrat controlled shithole where you represent those people in Congress, Well actually do a pretty shitty job of it.

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