‘Unprecedented, Unwarranted, Unconstitutional’: Pelosi Hits Trump’s ‘Growing Pattern of Obstruction’

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is serious about stopping President Donald Trump‘s “unprecedented and growing pattern of obstruction” — and her message could not be more clear in a memo obtained by Politico titled “Trump Administration Obstruction: Unprecedented, Unwarranted, Unconstitutional.”

In her latest move signaling she’s ready to fight Trump head-on, the speaker released a new messaging campaign throughout Democratic offices which deeply and directly calls out the Trump administration.

“Last week, President Trump declared he would ‘fight all the subpoenas’ — taking the unprecedented step of issuing a blanket policy of refusing to respect Congress’ constitutional authority to conduct oversight of the Executive to ensure Washington is working for the people,” she said, emphasizing the co-equal power of Congress.

“By stonewalling Congress, Trump is refusing to allow the American people to make an independent judgment about his Administration’s policies and his personal conduct in office,” Pelosi proclaimed.

The speaker went on to list several examples of the Trump administration’s “blanket, unprecedented stonewalling” rebuking them for enacting a “cruel family separation policy,” “sabotaging” health care, “undermining national security,” and imposing “unlawful” Census questions.

Pelosi then transitioned into taking shots at Trump’s “extraordinary” efforts to “conceal information” that could be “dangerous” to the American people.

“President Trump is taking extraordinary and unprecedented measures to conceal information about himself and to cover-up his Administration’s dangerous and secretive activities from the public,” she declared. “This is part of a massive, unprecedented and growing pattern of obstruction.”

The speaker once again pulled out the receipts, docking Trump for his violation of “presidential precedent” by not abiding by the law of releasing his taxes, as well as denouncing the president’s effort to defy Congressional subpoenas, including that of former White House Counsel Don McGahn.

“Congress is a co-equal branch of government, intended to serve as a check on executive power and prevent the rise of a tyrant. Preventing Congress from exercising any oversight as the president intends fundamentally impairs the balance of power.”

“The president was elected to serve the people, not rule behind closed doors. Transparency is critical to a healthy democracy and every American should be alarmed by the president’s behavior,” the speaker added.

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WHEN did Washington work for the people? As we have seen, certainly not since the Obstructionist “Done-Nothing” Party took control of the House in January.





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