Pelosi Jokes About Republican ‘Green New Deal’ Complaints: ‘They Care About Healthcare?’

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi fired back at Republican leaders on Thursday for their complaints that the Green New Deal would inflate the price of healthcare.

During her weekly press briefing, a reporter asked Pelosi about her opinions on Republicans’ claims that the climate change bill would raise prices of medical care.

Pelosi sarcastically quipped and questioned Republican detractors saying, “I’m really impressed. They care about health care?”

“They who took away the individual mandate, they who [for] scores of time wanted to eliminate the Affordable Care Act,” she proclaimed.

“I’ve never even known that they had an interest, except maybe to take two trillion dollars out of Medicare and Medicaid.”

Watch the moment below:

Pelosi then shifted to discussing the House’s effort on climate change reform, including a recently instated committee.

“I’m more excited about our select committee on climate chaired by Kathy Castor of Florida, which will be having its hearings, evidence-based recommendations, some of which will be consistent with some of what’s in the Green [New] Deal,” she said. “And some of it might even be even beyond that.”

“But, I’m not standing by any characterization that the Republicans have of anything,” she added.

Pelosi has not formally offered her support for the Green New Deal but has been involved in climate reform issues for many years in Congress. Co-sponsor of the Green New Deal Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez praised the speaker, saying, “Nancy Pelosi is a leader on climate; has always been a leader on climate.”

“I do want to salute the Green [New] Deal, in this respect,” Pelosi said on Thursday. “In the respect of again, raising the profile of an issue, which is a challenge generationally, to preserve this planet.”

Pelosi relayed her reasoning for climate change reform efforts back to her personal life, saying that it has been a flagship issue since the first time she became Speaker of the House and as a Catholic, she wants to preserve “God’s creation.”

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