Pelosi Is Confident She’ll Be Speaker Again — Newly Elected Dems Are Indicating Otherwise

Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly claimed that she is confident she will be elected as Speaker of The House, but many lawmakers are saying that may not be the case.

During a press conference, Pelosi answered “yes” to a question if she had the votes to become Speaker. However, reports have been released stating that at least 17 House Democrats have signed a letter saying they will not support Pelosi.

“It’s going to get ugly,” a Democratic lawmaker told Fox News.

One of the most outspoken opponents of Pelosi, Representative Seth Moulton, pointed to Marcia Fudge as a possible Speaker nominee.

Both Moulton and Fudge are allegedly on the list of lawmakers who signed the letter. Fudge has also admitted that she is considering the position after being approached by multiple lawmakers.

“People are asking me to do it, and I am thinking about it,” Fudge said in an interview with “I need to give it some thought and see if I have an interest. I am at the very beginning of this process. It is just in discussion at this point.”

Many newly elected representatives have been hesitant about whether they will support Pelosi, with some being very outspoken about their opposition to the experienced politician.


However, Pelosi does not seem intimidated by the opposition.

“Come on in. The water’s warm,” Pelosi said.


  1. What do the corporate donors want to see happen? You can guess.

  2. People have already commented on her “the waters warm” remark, but you have to admire her optimism or wonder if she needs her meds.

  3. Reminds me of her statement on Colbert before the election about how she was certain Democrats would take back the House. Pelosi’s been bold lately – but so far it’s paying off. It’ll be interesting if the streak continues.

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