‘Nothing for the Wall’: Pelosi Drops the Hammer on Trump as Shutdown Drags On

“No. How many more times can we say no?”

Zach Gibson/Getty Images

House Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) gave a wide-ranging interview to Savannah Guthrie of NBC’s “Today” show ahead of the Democratic takeover of the House of Representatives on Thursday, and she didn’t hold back.

On the topic of the government shutdown, Pelosi appeared committed to holding her ground and not giving Trump one inch on the shutdown, for which he pre-emptively took full responsibility.

“Are you willing to come up and give him some of this money for the wall?” Guthrie asked.

Pelosi answered by drawing a line in the sand and ruling it out completely.

“No. No, no,” the expected incoming speaker said. “Nothing for the wall.”

After explaining that she would entertain a discussion on border security, Pelosi reiterated her point once more.

“Well, we can go through this back-and-forth,” she said as Guthrie pressed her further.

To that, Pelosi threw down the gauntlet:

“No. How many more times can we say no? Nothing for the wall.”

Watch the video below, via NBC:

Pelosi’s tough talk will be refreshing for many Democrats hoping to see their newly empowered party flex their authority over Trump.

With a majority in the House, Trump will be forced to work with Democrats to get almost anything done in Washington for the next two years. And the Democratic majority also empowers the party to conduct oversight over an administration that has operated largely unchecked by Congress for almost two years despite a growing pile of scandals.

For her part, Pelosi is expected to take the reins in the House and become the first former speaker to reclaim the gavel since the legendary Sam Rayburn did it in 1954. Pelosi briefly faced opposition from a rebellious wing of her party after Election Day before working out a deal to secure her victory in the Democratic Caucus election and a likely victory in the coming full speaker’s vote on the House floor.

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We the People want border security. How many times can we say it to you Nan?


The Speaker is a House is nothing but a Louse. Sadly there is no commercial shampoo with which we can Rid our nation of her.





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