Pelosi Says ‘Political Risk’ in Pursuit of Trump Impeachment ‘Doesn’t Matter’ Ahead of 2020

Yuri Gripas/Reuters

To House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), pursuing an impeachment probe into President Donald Trump is worth losing the House of Representatives in the 2020 Congressional Elections.

The House speaker suggested during Saturday’s interview held by The Texas Tribune that the “political risk” is worth it when it comes to looking toward impeachment of the president.

Asked by the Tribune’s CEO and co-founder Evan Smith if she has “any anxiety” about the impeachment inquiry “impacting [her] ability to hold control of the House in 2020,” Pelosi answered, “It doesn’t matter.”

She declared that “[protecting] and [defending] the Consitution of the United States” is Congress’ “first responsiblity.”

“People say you have to take a political risk doing that. That doesn’t matter. That doesn’t matter. Because we cannot have a president of the United States undermining his oath of office, his loyalty to his oath of office, undermining our national security, and undermining the integrity of our elections.”

Watch the video below:

Additionally, Pelosi said during the interview that she has “handled this with great care, with moderation, with great attention to what we knew was a fact and what was an allegation.”

She added, “This is very bad news for our country because if — as it seems to be — our president has engaged in something that is so far beyond what our founders had in mind they knew that some president might go beyond what the Constitution intended.”

Since the top Democratic lawmaker made the announcement last week about launching a formal impeachment inquiry against Trump, House Democrats are looking to intensify the impeachment push as Trump is pushing back on it, as IJR reported.

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Patricia Trout

Pelosi has no problem “skewing facts” to fit her purpose This is no different and they need to be punished for failing to fulfill their elected positions and stop the ridiculous witch hunts!

William Von Huben

It seems that the Democrats are liars and do not care about helping the citizens of this country! They are mad because a Republican President is not suppose to respond to the Democrats , they usually do not say anything just take the crap the Democrats through at them. And the Democrats and some progressive Republicans do not want a non politician telling them and showing them he can get things done for the citizens of the country without any help from the Democrats and that just pisses them off and just has made them look like idiots. Almost three… Read more »


If she wants to defend the Constitution, then she should have a talk with Biden who’s trying to take away the 1st amendment rights of Giuliani. Maybe she should think of the Constitution before calling for gun bans and confiscation.


Hilary did a ton of things beyond what our founding fathers had in mind!! Let’s Dea with that!


They know they are going to lose big in 2020, including the House. So they are going all in on impeachment. But Trump is Teflon. Nothing will stick. Trump will have a landslide win.

William Conley
William Conley

This comment goes entirely to ijr maybe get your stuff together and remove your childish programs that listed my comment as a spammer email. It wouldn’t post because I used the word se xually with assault you know a legal term you buffoons.

William Conley
William Conley

Contact me Nancy I have your next coup attempt. When trump was an infant he assaulted his mother by breastfeeding. I got my cia whistle blower all lined up he’s even a staunch Democratic agent. So you know he will lie and kill at your command no questions asked. We don’t need the transcripts this is a factual argument we are making here. Oh wait they released the actual transcripts and we are revealed to be blatant agenda driven partisan scumbag liars?


Oh, Nancy, my lips quiver when I think you are defending the Constitution.





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