Pelosi Rattled After Being Pushed on to Give a Straight Answer on Her Support for the Impeachment Inquiry

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) appeared rattled after being pushed by reporters to give a straight answer about the chaos in her conference surrounding impeachment.

As IJR previously reported, Speaker Pelosi has been hesitant to openly support impeachment even though more than 100 members of her Democratic House conference support moving forward. The speaker has explained that she believes the issue is too divisive for Democrats to pursue without having “all the facts.”

Special Counsel Robert Mueller found in his investigation of President Donald Trump’s campaign that there was no evidence of criminal conspiracy with Russia and declined to prosecute on obstruction of justice.

Still, House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) has pushed for further investigations, including an impeachment inquiry. As IJR reported earlier, Nadler’s committee voted Thursday morning to formally start the impeachment inquiry.

Pelosi has stated that she supports Nadler’s inquiry, but has refused to say whether she would bring it to the House floor, leaving many unsure of where she stands.

During her press conference on Thursday, Pelosi was bombarded with questions about whether she would “concede” that she supports the inquiry — and she wasn’t happy about it.

Watch Pelosi’s response:

“Do I concede now? Have you not paid attention to what we’ve been talking about? For months, we’ve been saying we’re doing three things: We’re legislating. Do you want me to go over our 200 days of legislation leading up to now and even what we did this week to protect our environment? We are legislating, we’re investigating, as six committees have been doing for months. […] And third, we are litigating. We are taking the work of the committees into the courts. […] So I stand by what we have been doing all along. I support what is happening in the Judiciary Committee because that enables them to do their process of interrogation in their investigation, and I salute them for that work.”

Immediately after, she was hit with a follow-up question addressing the mixed messages she has been giving about impeachment.

“Is the specific language not important?” one reporter asked. Pelosi quickly turned it back on the press, claiming that they’re the only ones confused by her position.

Reporters quickly pointed out that’s “not true” because her own members are unclear about her position. Pelosi denied that her story has been changing on impeachment.

“They understand that impeachment is a very divisive measure, but if we have to go there, we’ll have to go there. But we can’t go there unless we have the facts. And we will follow the facts and we will follow the obstruction that the president is making of us getting the facts and make our decision when we’re ready. That’s the only thing I’m going to say about the subject and there’s nothing different from one day to the next.”

From there, Pelosi made it clear she would not be entertaining any other questions on the issue.

“I have said what I’m going to say on the subject. That’s it,” said Pelosi, replying to all follow-ups by saying, “Next question on any other subject?”


  1. “inquisition” That is the word. I remember that word from the Germans, The USSR, the McCarthy era, Judge Roy Bean, Castro, Maduro, the Democrats during the Clinton “investigation”, The Spanish Trials, and the Romans when they fed the Christians to the Lions. (please note I said the “word” not that I was there).
    What HAVE they done in 200 days? Nothing for the American People. Everything for their Egos. Sorry state of affairs when we still have delusion, destruction, disruption, and direct attempts to control, not only, the people but our minds, thinking, and demanding our total obeyance to the whims and statements made by these oligarchic Employees of the American people.
    If we do not vote every blasted one of these wannabe queens and kings out of office, we will lose our country to the ones who have been indoctrinating our citizens, children, and our Constitutional rights into the shredder.

  2. The Democrat Inquisition has been going on since President Trump was elected. It has involved President Trump, his friends, associates, lawyer, appointees. They’re still going after Kavanaugh. The fake accusations didn’t work so now they want to get all his previous work. Didn’t they review that before the hearings? They were supposed to. I guess they just want to apply more pressure. It won’t stop until the 2020 election, maybe not even then. Lying, cheating, corrupt sore loser Democrats.

  3. Genital,

    What part of “I hope” says I’m speaking of anyone but myself?

    Voters SHOULD hold politicians accountable, especially for broken promises and failures.

    Wasting millions on a bogus investigation in hopes of impeachment, then continuing to work on impeachment with ZERO charges is the definition of insanity and failure.

  4. Blinky was rattled? Nah, she’s always like that. She says something stupid or avoids a question altogether and when pressed she acts like she’s been insulted. She’s a Democrat, she always lies. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

  5. Genital,

    Wow. So now you speak for ALL the people. Nice to know. Does that count you and your Star Wars action figures?

    What it will continue to expose is the utterly transparent (there’s that word) TDS as well as demonstrate that the Dims are completely out of ideas. Every problem is a nail when you are a hammerhead.

    I say impeach and be damned. They have NO charges.

  6. How can you tell Pelosi was rattled since she is the same as always? Legislating? Legislating what? The only thing the committees are doing is wasting time and taxpayer money, and litigating anything proposed by this president regardless if it is beneficial to this country. Democrats will side with criminals such as illegals against the well-being of the citizens of this country

  7. Pelosi appears rattled quite a bit. Anything that disagrees with her rattles her.

  8. Do you notice there is NEVER any specific impeachable crime ever mentioned. They accuse Trump in generalities, if they mention anything at all. Then they complain when challenged.

    ABC News this morning reported that the House Judiciary Committee voted along party line to give themselves the power to conduct an impeachment investigation. Which is what they did. Which is ridiculous! If you have the power, you don’t need the vote. If you don’t have the power (which is the case) you can’t make it up for yourself out of thin air.

  9. So Pelosi expects President Trump to prove he is innocent of ‘something’ that they can’t find after months of looking? What a stupid comment. Also, what is with her eyebrows–they come clear now to the corners of her eyes. Maybe this is to make her look more awake!

    1. Months of looking, that the Trump administration has been blocking.

    2. This is America. We don’t have to prove we’re innocent. That would only be in a Democrat dictatorship. The English did the same thing prior to Apr 1775. Not so much after they were kicked out. Democrats are trying to enact the same oppressive type laws the English had. They wish to determine what rights you have, only the ones they agree with.

  10. Poor old rattlesnake is backed into a corner. Piglosi is a mealy-mouthed wretch. I hope the Dems are proud of their speaker because despite being a blithering idiot she does know how the bread is buttered and that impeachment will blow up in the leftist’s’ faces.

  11. what happened to her eyebrows she is looking like the clown she is behaving as.

    1. Blinky used to blink at a phenomenal rate. I believe she had her face stretched. If the anchors ever let go, her forehead will flap like an old window shade.

  12. Hahaaahaahaha Now Nancy has to drag this impeachment ball and chain around for the entire upcoming year and it’s going to follow the democrats right to the ballot box in 2020. You asked for it, Nancy.

  13. That this traitor who has supported flooding the country with millions of illegal aliens just for unlimited supply of votes is not in jail shows just how far America has fallen.

  14. This jackass hasn’t read or understands a thing that she has said!!!!!!!! Protect and defend the CONISTUTION, WHEN AND WHERE!!!!!!!! We need to pass more control on the AMERICAN PEOPLE, so we can control them better!! An unarmed people are easy to control, take away all of thier rights!!! We need to impeach the president because he is guilty!!!!!!! I have figured out what PRESIDENT TRUMP is guilty of: 1) beat Clinton, 2) made the economy better, 3) lowered the unemployment across the board, 4) lowered the flow of illegals into the States, 5) brought jobs back from other countries, 6) last but not least, have made other countries start paying their fair share for protection!!!!!

  15. Does Nancy P. not know …It’s not up to anyone to ‘prove their innocence’ . They are already innocent until, ‘proven guilty’. How long does this ‘fact finding investigation, fishing expedition, witch hunt, going to last before the Dem’s focus on their real jobs. Working for the American people and not their utterly failing political party?

  16. Come on Nancy, you could be Dorothy and along with the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman and Cowardly Lion follow the yellow brick road……..Oh what fun to be had…

  17. What about innocent until proven guilty. Listen to this BS out of her mouth

    1. Where Republicans and true conservatives are concerned the democrats only believe guilty until proven innocent.

  18. Why do democrats do this, it has no chance at all just wasting their time and are tax dollars.

  19. Despite the opposition from Dims like Pelosi and Tulsi Gabbard I hope this DOES move to impeachment. It will seriously affect the Dim chances in 2020 for votes outside their base.

    1. You are confusing your wishes with what the population wants – to hold all politicians accountable equally.

      So you seem to think that voters will punish the “Dims” for holding King Donald The Loser accounfable.

      I want the Republicans to go on the record of supporting a corrupt president for the rest of their life.

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