Pelosi and Schumer Had Their Say After Trump’s Speech — But Their Awkwardness Had Social Media Distracted

At least they have people talking.

Tuesday night, President Donald Trump gave a speech about border security and immigration. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer gave a response speech to call for a better solution than a border wall.

However, people were not paying attention to what they were saying but instead pointing out the extremely awkward framing of the speech.

Some users pointed out the resemblance to fictional characters:

Others pointed out how the pair looked like disappointed parents:

Most were just shocked at how bad it was:

While these responses are hilarious, U.S. lawmakers are not any closer to finding a solution and ending the shutdown.


  1. …of course they look that way. Animatronics can only do so much or maybe Chuck and Nancy are using the same necromancers.

    “Bring us your children. We need, fresh young illegals to sustain our unlife. That’s been our plan all along.”

  2. Seriously??? Twitter followers can not focus their attention unless it is within 280 characters? Sydney, are you suggesting America is experiencing an epidemic of adult attention deficit disorder? Novartis stock is down a bit this AM. Sounds as if it might be a smart buy, if you are correct. But, Is the US in an attention crisis?

    1. I’ve never seen an IJR post be made up of only Twitter comments before.

    2. An increasing # of articles, here and elsewhere, incorporate Tweets as their main “text”.
      It appears an intractable trend.

      We have 500 character limits here. 280 forces either multiple tweets or concise expression.

      You are poorly-positioned to talk about “lack of focus”. q.v. your meandering rants.

  3. Awkward is a good word choice. I said earlier that they looked like deer caught in headlights. They looked uncomfortable and out of their element.

    On top of that, their responses were cold, they didn’t relate at all to the affected employees about to lose a paycheck, and made them look weak.

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