Pelosi Skeptical About Trump Migration Plan for El Salvador

Jessica Orellana/Reuters

U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi raised concern about El Salvador’s ability to cope with a tough migration deal being pursued by the Trump Administration as she led a U.S. congressional mission to the Central American country on Friday.

On the second leg of a bipartisan delegation to the region, Pelosi and other Democratic lawmakers criticized Donald Trump’s immigration agenda at a time when the Republican president is pushing Mexico and Central America to clamp down on asylum-seekers.

The group raised skepticism about an agreement aimed at curbing migrant flows which the White House is seeking with El Salvador and Honduras, similar to one reached with Guatemala late last month under the threat of economic sanctions.

“I don’t consider it a solution,” Pelosi said. “When we were in Guatemala yesterday, we asked what the terms were of that agreement and they said it hasn’t really been written down, we haven’t seen what that is. So I think it remains to be seen as to whether that is even a good idea and I would not encourage it.”

Under that deal, Guatemala agreed to become a so-called “safe third country,” meaning migrants would be required to seek asylum in Guatemala rather than in the United States.

Guatemala suffers from rampant poverty and violence, and critics question its capacity to handle a surge in asylum applications from its impoverished, crime-wracked neighbors, El Salvador and Honduras, which Pelosi will visit on Saturday.

Representative Henry Cuellar, a Democrat from Texas, added: “We are of the opinion that it would be very difficult to do this, and for that reason we would like to do everything … to not have this type of deal.”

Pelosi and other members of the delegation denounced the Trump Administration’s policy of separating migrant families, which she called “totally completely unacceptable.”

Some also criticized the administration’s efforts to remove 200,000 Salvadorans from the United States by revoking their residency under a so-called Temporary Protected Status.

“El Salvador would not be able to absorb all those who are in the United States at this time,” said Lucille Roybal-Allard, a Democratic representative from California.

Representative Jim McGovern, a Democrat from Massachusetts, offered a stark assessment of U.S. foreign policy around El Salvador’s 1980-1992 civil war, which pitted leftist rebels against a string of U.S.-backed military governments.

Speaking at the University of Central America, site of a 1989 murder of Jesuit priests during the war, McGovern said:

“We took sides in that war, we provided a lot of military assistance, including to those who murdered these Jesuits without conditioning them on human rights.

“When the war ended, our aid dropped dramatically. We should have stayed and helped this country rebuild. We did not,” he added. “We deported gang members back to El Salvador … we have a moral obligation to this country.”

(Additional reporting by Delphine Schrank in Mexico City; Editing by Dave Graham and Sandra Maler)

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Nancy Pelosi is skeptical about everything concerning Trump, but notice she does nothing to help the country or its citizens only illegals. I wonder, is she getting money from the cartels? Something is influencing her thinking.



Now that you mention it, the “citizenship” question IS on all 4473s. So is the ethnic/racial identity question.

I shudder to think if the gender question replaces the “sex” question. (I’m often tempted to answer yes instead of checking “M”).


“El Salvador would not be able to absorb all those who are in the United States at this time,” Well, that’s too bad. They came from that country, now they can go back. Democrats shouldn’t have invited them here under false conditions in the first place. How are we supposed to absorb millions of illegals? Do we have all this extra money and jobs lying around to spend on another countries people. It’s time the U.S. stopped providing welfare for the entire world. Support our citizens and let other countries support theirs.

Allen Zabel

Still proving, that the foreigners and illegal immigrants, are her main concern.
Invasion: an incursion by a large number of people or things into a place or sphere of activity.
Thus in essence, she is pandering to non-American citizens.
While being paid American taxpayers.



1. while I wear a foilhat, I don’t subscribe to the whole NWO theory. On the other hand another group wants everyone’s lives (except their own) run according to an “elite” central government. They are called socialists a/k/a Commie-lites.

2. Yes. El Norte is their land of milk and honey. I believe the Dim opposition to the citizenship question is worse than that. You cannot get an accurate count of the # of people legally allowed to vote.

Patty Dougherty
Patty Dougherty

She is an idiot!!!! She needs to move there and take care of them herself!!! She’s got the money with all the insider trading from the past administrations.

Joyce Duke

Facts are that Pelosi & other congressional members are committing treasonous acts of deliberately undermining President Trump’s efforts to fix our immigtation laws which have been broken by these same deep state establishment traitors acting as congressional members. In response to democratic Jim McGovern of Mass. & his remark about we owe a debt to El Salvador because we deported gang members back to El Salvador. We the People are paying your salaries to represent America & Americans. We the People are not paying any of you traitors to represent the new world order. These gang members were gang members… Read more »


Bobblehead McGovern has two big questions:
1. the Catholic church remains one of the wealthiest orgs on this planet. What is IT doing? Rebuilding? Hiring mercenaries to stop/kill the gangs? Let’s hear it.

2. why should the US care, except to stem the flow of illegal invaders?





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