Pelosi Slams the White House as ‘Having a Limbo Contest With Itself to See How Low it Can Go’

Jorge Cabrera/Reuters

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi slammed the Trump administration and her Republican colleagues during her press conference on Thursday, calling the situation “beyond appalling.”

Pelosi was speaking about the recent reports that military planes have been landing at an airport that services President Donald Trump’s Turnberry Resort in Scotland and that military personnel have been staying at Turnberry. The president has said that he had nothing to do with the arrangement but Congress is investigating the reports.

The speaker noted that the House Oversight Committee is investigating the use “of federal dollars being spent at Trump-owned properties.” She continued, “This is beyond appalling, but how can anybody be appalled? We’ve seen it all. In terms of integrity, it seems the administration is having a limbo contest with itself to see how low it can go.”

Watch Pelosi’s comment:

She added, “To divert transportation, whether it’s the vice president or the military to Trump-owned properties — this is not right.” Pelosi suggested that Trump is flaunting the emoluments clause, saying “and then for it to be from foreigners, which is prohibited by the constitution.”

President Trump’s Washington Hotel has been a hotbed for foreign officials and NBC recently reported that representatives of 22 foreign governments have dropped cash at Trump properties.

Democrats have slowly been ramping up their impeachment efforts and numerous committees including the House Oversight, Judiciary, and Intelligence Committees are all working on looking at different aspects of the president’s questionable behavior.

But while her colleagues in the House have shifted into impeachment mode, Pelosi has been trying to hold them off, telling her caucus that they have to follow their investigations rather than rush an impeachment vote to the floor. But, over the past few weeks, she’s lost the majority of her caucus  — more than half of Democrats now say that they support some form of an impeachment inquiry.

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She who claims to be Speaker in name only has no place to throw stones at the WH. She could better serve the American people by resigning and going home to pick grapes for her wine.

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