Nancy Pelosi Still Wants to Postpone SOTU Even Though DHS Reports They’re Ready to Secure It

No matter what other department leaders say, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is standing strong in her opposition to hosting the State of The Union address.

Pelosi recently released a letter stating that given the government shutdown, President Donald Trump should not give the address due to security concerns. However, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen released her own statement and tweeted out that the department was prepared to handle the event.

While talking to reporters, Pelosi responded: “I don’t care what they said.”

“I just happen to be reading about Woodrow Wilson’s 1913 address and it is the first time since eighteen hundred that it was delivered in person,” said House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn in an interview with The Daily Caller. “So there’s ample precedent for the State of the Union to be delivered in writing.”

However, support seems split. House Minority Whip Steve Scalise also responded to questions about the address, saying he is not worried about security.

“There are no security concerns that have been raised and that has nothing to do with that,” said Scalise. “Ironically, it seems like she’s only concerned about security when it’s a State of the Union that will expose what this fight is all about.”

It is uncertain whether Trump will consider rescheduling or giving the address through a written form like Pelosi is requesting.