Pelosi Takes Heat After Wondering What the ‘Point’ of Enforcing Our Interior Immigration Laws Is

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) got torn into on Twitter after asking what the “point” was of enforcing interior immigration laws and claiming that a person’s illegal immigration status does not constitute their deportation.

While discussing immigration policy during an event in New York on Monday, Pelosi — first elected to the House in 1987 — claimed that she believed President Donald Trump‘s postponed Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids were “outside the circle of civilized human behavior” and “appalling.”

She then questioned what the “point” was of enforcing “interior” immigration laws.

Watch the video here:


“We have legislation to go forward to address those needs, but in terms of interior enforcement, what’s the – what’s the point?” Pelosi asked.

While discussing her phone call with the president last week regarding his planned ICE raids, the speaker also claimed during the event that an individual’s “violation of status” did not serve as a “reason” to deport them from the country:

“So that is really kind of what happened. He didn’t say what he was going to do, but the president said, ‘Oh, I’ll let you know, I’ll let you know.’ Went into, ‘Well, people broke the laws.’ A violation of status is not a reason for deportation. That’s just not so.”

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Under U.S. law, a person who has overstayed their visa — people who accounted for 62 percent of undocumented immigrants from 2016-2017 — for more than 180 days will face deportation proceedings.

Some users on Twitter were not impressed with what the speaker said, calling her out for her “total, utter nonsense.”

The speaker’s comments came the same day that she agreed to hold a vote on border legislation to provide aid to alleviate the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

As IJR Red previously reported, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway called on Pelosi and the House Democrats to do “their job” and address the nation’s “broken” immigration policy.


  1. if The government is picking and choosing what laws can be broken, doesn’t that set precendence? So now I should be able to pick and choose what law I want to follow? So if I feel like jumping over the wall around Pelosi’s house she can’t do anything? I can site precedence because Pelosi stated there’s no point in enforcing laws?

  2. How does waving your hands clear up anything ? Democratics want illegals voting, we know this, now they want to give illegals healthcare at tax payers expense, the same taxpayers who can’t even afford their own healthcare nor deductibles, are you kidding ?

  3. They wouldn’t post my comment they said it appeared to be a spammer. I guess because I said what I thought about Nancy and her policies.

  4. I like how trump is messing with all the illegals he plans to deport. They all took off work and kept their kids out of school for the week that he planned the raids. So now since he postponed it they are all in limbo and don’t know when to expect the raids and are all running scared. They are all keeping their kids out of school, staying away from their jobs, and hiding wherever they think they will be safe for as long as ICE is planning on coming to get them. GO TRUMP!!!


  6. you would think a leader of our congress would know better

  7. WE THE PEOPLE need to start paying attention in our neighborhoods, if illegals are present, TURN THEM IN!!! Never mind counting on these degenerates in Congress, WE need to step up and “ICE” our towns!!!

  8. Nance has lost whatever mind she had left.

  9. The race is on. Who is the most brain dead moron in congress. Pelosi, Mad Max Maxine Waters, Shelia Jackson, Cory Booker, Ocrazy-Cortes. Liz Warren the choices are almost unending. A straw poll would be fun. Lets don’t leave out our favorite Socialist/Communist crazy Bernie.

  10. A country must be aware of illegals in the community and root them out – it’s the LAW

  11. Somebody needs to tell those idiots, that their future undocumented voters are rapists and killers. Our Constitution is supposed to protect us from these idiots. Nancy is under treason for protecting them.

  12. earth to Nancy-!
    rule of law, breaking the law, entering the country illegally what part of that don’t you understand !!!!!! every welfare bum is coming here. they don’t like the country they came from. so what. go back since you like them so much Nancy, leave with them.

  13. Why do we even give her time in the news.Who cares what she says anymore she has definitely lost contact with reality and the laws

    1. How embarrassing for the Dems. I am enjoying every minute.

  14. We have laws let’s follow them and it doesn’t matter whether it’s Republican or Democrats making the decisions, a law is a law!!! Anyone here illegally needs to go home!!! MMS

  15. Pelosi is not the President, first of all. Secondly, she needs to put a sock puppet on her hand, if she wants my attention to increase.

  16. Unbelievable how these Dems can say the taxpayers pay us to makes laws then we turn around and say those laws can be ignored. Immigration laws are no different than any other law that US citizens have to follow or pay the consequence. These dems think that immigration laws don’t and shouldn’t exist and because they think they shouldn’t exist then ignore them rather than properly remove them from the books. Much like Obama picked and choose which laws to enforce and which laws to ignore such as DOMA. Obama didn’t support it so he ignored it but it still remained on the books. Where was their outrage under Obama for deportations and where was their calls for reparations and so on under the black president.

  17. Nancy is clueless when she has all the facts. Our immigration laws do not allow illegals citizenship even if they invade our country! The biggest problem is that her and her minions believe we should allow all illegals into our country with a get in free card, when previous immigrants had to pass test and pledge allegiance to America. Those invading our country now believe must believe we owe them something, they come in illegal and then disappear, they never come back to the courts and try to do legally, I’m all for enforcement, we have to get a grip on this illegal entry even if the radical left don’t want to act and help!

  18. Something Pelosi ad-libbed? She has a LOT on her mind, should let her staff draft policy statements.


  20. This is what Democrats actually believe…. that no one should be deported, and our borders should be wide open.

    1. Illegal immigration was a lot less problem back in the “Old Days”, when the border was wide-open, and illegals went back home for holidays and when employment here became scarce. Now, since commuting is impossible, they pay smugglers to bring-in their families to join them.

  21. Nancy Nancy Nancy, as you well know from your own personal history, it’s only against the law if you don’t get caught or can weasel your way out of it. But weak minded liberals will believe you.

  22. Lady Nancy, you are more concerned with the ILLEGLS than with the humanitarian aid for THE CHILDREN’s conditions. Of course, since they cannot vote but you want the adults here to give voting rights. Stop the masquerade and think you are pulling the wool over our eyes. How can you look at yourself in the mirror every morning and nite knowing the wrong and disservice you are doing to the migrant CHILDREN and this country!!!!
    Hope your conscience burns a hole in your heart….

  23. So if I break into Nancy’s home, I should be allowed to stay there and she should be required to support me in a manner better than what I now have. Sweet deal.

    1. Sounds good, why do I have to be an illegal alien?

    1. Exactly!!! She needs to step down & leave her job bc I think she is going senile!!!!

    2. I’ve been saying that for YEARS. But the most vocal democrats all share that trait.

  24. First of all, it happens to be the law of the land. Until Congress, and that means both houses, pass a bill that changes the law, and the President signs it into law, the current law stands. As such, these people who enter without proper documentation or overstay their visa are subject to deportation as set out in the laws passed by Congress. It amazes me as how stupid and lawless the current Democrats are in Congress. As long as some of them have been there, you would think that they would have at least read part of the laws passed by the body they work in, but then again, I guess we have to remember is Nutty Nancy that famously said, “we have to pass the bill so we can know what’s in it!” I guess the Democrats never read the bills they author because they don’t really write the bills, they leave that up to their masters to do. It’s time to clean “House” and replace all the Democrats who do not read their own bills.

    1. It’s time to replace all of the Dems that are there now bc they have overstayed their time……its time we clean the Dems Swamp!!!!

  25. Really the judge ruled for deportation they didn’t show for their asylum hearing they had no case it is the law but hey why follow the law well then why follow any law Obama deported many people but not one word let’s throw out every law we have she needs to be recalled just as well as many in the congress and some in the senate the republican could of did something about this for two years when they held both the house and senate and now nothing but bullshit so sick of it Trump deport them now


  27. “What difference, at this point, does it make?” a common mantra regarding our laws the Dems don’t like. Just ignore them… why not?

  28. Nancy so smart and smug. She’s rich so let’s send 1000 babies from the border to her house. With all her money she could supply diapers for maybe 1 and half hours. Then Bernie then Aoc and and when they run out of money just send them to Sacramento. Our new governor will foot the bill. Yes these people are disparate, they have nothing. Kinda like back in the depression, when Americans worked all day (14 to 16) hours just for a meal. I dont remember any country helping us out. But yet our fellow Democrats seem to think we should come to every country’s and be their savior. Well after world war 1 and 2 when Americans did save the world. In my mind this country has done enough. Too much blood tears and treasure has been spent trying to make the world better. I say take care of Americans first. Just as many poor kids live in Kentucky and Louisiana that are Americans. Oh and I bet they need some diapers too. Americans stop being dumb, see socialism for what it is. Small group telling bigger group what to do and how to think. Because they are gods………….

  29. Aren’t Congress supposed to be lawmakers, not lawbreakers?

  30. It is all so easy for Pelosi to talk this bravado about immigration. Meanwhile she lives in a walled house. No one can get to her and she doesn’t live in the real world with all these people coming across the border. She’s protected. It’s the poor and middle class that will have to deal with all these people coming across illegally. When has Congress seriously talked about passing a bill addressing illegal immigrants or addressing anything for that matter.

    1. Do you live in a house without walls?
      Seriously, that meme going around about Pelosi living in a huge mansion with a wall around it is fake. It isn’t even her house. She probably does have a wall, at least around her back yard. Most people do. So what?

  31. she is the reason for drug testing in the work place

  32. I am confused.

    What were the Democrats thinking when they re-elected her as House Leader? Oh, right, she raises the most money to keep funding tbeir corruption.

  33. That should pretty well do it for the Americans. She asks a question like this proves you will never get the solution for the problem with help from the democrats. It’s way past time they put someone into that office that understands America…

  34. Hate for Trump runs deep in the democrat party……….

    1. Because he threatens their entire existence. His success is causing major drain on Dem support.

  35. The Democrats are going to do what they “Away’s Do” . . . a LOT OF NOTHING, then once the President “Acts”. . . all they will DO, is “Complain”. Oh, he “Could have done THIS, or he “Should have done THAT” . . . BLA, BLA, BLA, Their ALL, “Totally Worthless” . . . their just PLAYING POLITICAL GAMES, their doing “Absolutely Nothing”. Their STILL “Refusing” to acknoledge that President TRUMP. . . IS THE PRESIDENT ! ! ! an it will “Destroy” ALL OF THEM, in the coming 2020 elections . . . their “All Toast” !

  36. Pelosi is proof…….you just can’t fix ignorance…….impeach her now…….!!!!

  37. Gee. Why do we even have ANY laws at all? Oh…right. Only Nancy’s laws count.

  38. THIS is the one that needs to be removed from office. Her nonsense affects us all while she lives in her dreamworld.

  39. Nancy, what’s the point of Congress that thinks the laws it passes are pointless.

  40. Reminiscent of hellary’s: “What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?”

  41. I ask the same thing about the gun laws. What’s the point? They are not being enforced and new laws are written the same as old unenforced laws.

  42. She is ridiculous Oh how the song changes from year to year with the left. Do they actually think we can’t see what they are doing I implore everyone to vote every career politician out of office and elect people with a goal of decreasing government and treat their elected position as a service to this great country

  43. Wtf is she talking about? She didn’t put together a coherent thought. She needs to go.

    1. The next speaker will be the Bronx Bartender. Be careful what you ask for, you may get it.

  44. Given Nancy Pelosi’s views concerning laws and enforcement thereof, should we expect her to next tell us that we should abandon all law enforcement in the US? It seems that is where she is headed!

  45. Such an idiot! How the hell does this woman get re-elected every year?

  46. For someone who has been in Congress since she was in diapers (and probably is again), she is mighty ignorant of the Laws and the Constitution of this Nation. I am baffled by the stupidity of voters who would hold their nose and vote for anyone resembling Pelosi. There must be a chimpanzee in CA better qualified to represent the people there.

  47. Gee Nancy. Let’s start housing detainees and homeless at your SF compound and wine-country estate. Let’s hear your calculated cluelessness on unwanted intruders then.

  48. So the Pelosicrats Aka Democrats do not believe in our Laws or to enforce them! They are More concern about Investigating a investigation than our Border Crisis. This evidence with their own actions about the Crisis! Please take Note how she is always moving her hand while giving a statement. This is her Magical Wand to Hypnotize the audience that she knows what she is talking about.

    But won’t discuss the situation along our borders?
    When is Enough is Enough?
    When Do We Stop the influx of immigrants trying to enter the United States?

  49. Please do everyone a favor and retire before you make a Complete Ass out of yourself.

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