Do It ‘for the Children’: Pelosi Tells Democrats to ‘Be Ready to Throw a Punch’ in 2020

The 2020 presidential election isn’t going to be easy, so Democrats better be ready to “throw a punch for the children,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) says.

During the Democratic National Committee (DNC) summer meeting in San Francisco, Calif., on Friday, the Democratic congressional leader offered her piece of advice for the 2020 election.

The election will be “tough” because, as she says, for President Donald Trump and the Republicans, it’s “about the money.” She added, “They will put up any amount of money to protect their investments in degrading the environment, guns, and all of that.”

Pelosi continued to warn Democrats to be ready to “take” and “throw a punch”:

“You’ve got to be ready to take a punch. And therefore, you have to be ready to throw a punch. For the children. Throw a punch for the children.”

“Are we ready to win?” the House speaker said, adding, “Have we decided that we were going to debate our differences, unify behind our candidates?”

The 2020 Democrats have already come under fire for their policies, as Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel previously expressed that she’s “not concerned” and labeled the candidates “socialist.”

See Pelosi’s comment below:

Several of the 2020 Democratic contenders are attending the three-day event in California, but former Vice President Joe Biden — who leads the pack in polls — is nowhere to be seen. His non-attendance marks his second time missing a high-profile meeting with other Democratic primary candidates in California.

As IJR Red previously reported, DNC Chairman Tom Perez called the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) fundraising in July “daunting.”

He warned supporters that they “urgently need to turn up the heat” with fundraising or else the 2020 Democratic candidate “won’t stand a chance against Trump and the GOP’s fundraising machine.”

The RNC nearly tripled the DNC’s fundraising in July, bringing in $20.8 million during the month and that month was their largest online fundraising to date.

While Biden faces 20 other Democratic contenders in the primary, there’s only one Republican, Gov. Bill Weld, who is looking to face off against Trump in the primary thus far, with others mulling the idea of a bid.


  1. Wait, did nansi Pelosi just say she’s going to punch children in 2020?? That monster!!

  2. If Nancy and the democrats are going to take a punch and throw a punch for the children, then she will vote for Donald Trump in the 2020 election. She will take care of the USMCA, take out the loopholes in immigration and start doing some legislation for the children of this countries citizens, instead of illegals. According to Food Network, one in nine children in America go hungry, that’s where she needs to throw a punch for the children.

  3. When she says “Do it for the Children” does she mean vote Dems in so that they can continue murdering full term babies? Confusing.

  4. Using kids they don’t give a rats a** about for points what next digging up and putting corpses on display for points? (Sarcasm intended)

  5. So, now children are to be the Democrat Party props. Notice, her concerns are with the children who are entering illegally, not with citizen children. Democrats need to get their priorities in order and work for Americans! Stop playing open border games!

  6. Somebody ought to beat the crap out of you! You are one sick old lady with so much hatred in you that it has made you ugly. I hope you are not running again, you had enough years to screw the public.

  7. *Generally real Confused*. Noticed that you didn’t cite a source for all this precious info. Could it possibly be from the fake news networks?” Cherl

    Come on, Cherl. Choose your next words very carefully because you sound very confused.

    Think about this very, VERY carefully. Why would someone sit down and just make up big numbers to the even dollar? Why? Just to confuse you, Cherl? No, they don”t have you and me in mind.

    How about you learn something about our election system with a little exercise? These are officially required data that get regularly updated. NOBODY just invented the numbers. You can find this kind of information in a few places. Your task, if you and your team choose to accept it, is to find a souce. This tape will self-destruct in 15 seconds.

  8. Nazi Pelosi does it TO the children. She supports the same policies as Margaret Sanger and she is a small c communist.

  9. This woman has cost the American taxpayer many billions of dollars by flooding the country with parasites from south of the border. This creature needs to be locked up in Leavenworth .

    1. You might not like her answer. I believe she will say illegal.

  10. That is why she wants all the ilegals in California. Power..Just wondering how many face lifts we in the state of
    California have paid for

  11. Do it for whose children? Certainly NOT those of America’s…..

  12. “The democrats always out spend the republicans.” David Gearhart

    David is confused by big numbers.

    As of August 25, 2019 in tbe 2020 cycle:

    Total Raised Total Spent Cash on Hand Debts
    Democratic Party $201,916,045 $165,721,797 $73,184,306 $23,477,502
    Republican Party $234,040,795 $198,235,322 $94,732,061 $3,594,702
    Democratic National Cmte $51,721,651 $51,276,162 $9,117,114 $5,619,077
    Republican National Cmte $117,948,759 $94,857,449 $46,592,872 $0
    Democratic Congressional Campaign Cmte $68,967,639 $45,816,453 $28,766,682 $0
    National Republican Congressional Cmte $48,613,593 $40,921,495 $24,257,296 $0
    Democratic Senatorial Campaign Cmte $32,968,913 $22,205,192 $16,948,878 $15,948,312
    National Republican Senatorial Cmte $38,944,745 $34,739,871 $11,702,810 $2,275,000

    1. *Generally real Confused*. Noticed that you didn’t cite a source for all this precious info. Could it possibly be from the fake news networks?

  13. “Are we ready to win?” the House speaker said, adding, “Have we decided that we were going to debate our differences, unify behind our candidates?” Article

    Pelosi knows she is trying to confuse voters.

    The DNC & the DNCC are doing the same things to hurt their chances as they have for the last decade, at least. When there is a strong progressive candidate already up and running AND LEADING in polls, the party will convince a lacky to parachute into a district and pour money into their campaign. Emily’s list will do similar things by backing conservative/corporate women candidates. The party leadership HATES progressive candidates because they are uncorruptable.

    So the party ignores (at the least) or sabotages (usually) the candidates who run clean, popular and uncorrupted campaigns (no corrupting lobbyist and PAC donations etc) in favor of candidates with the capability of raising big donations for the party.

    1. “Are we ready to win – – – the Participation trophy for the Nazi-lite Regressives coming in a distant second”.

      Wouldn’t work for our American Republic to be the United Socialist States of America under a radical fake Indian squaw or a Commie from Vermont. Or that (“cracked”?) voodoo, palm reader in the clown car with the rest of the losers.

  14. Pelosi doesn’t give a damn about any children, even her own. All she cares about is power, money, and getting illegals votes.

  15. pelozi is advocating for violent corporal punishment against defenseless children.

  16. We the US are not destroying the environment. Has anyone been to the Philippines lately or India or Vietnam. They burn garbage throw bottles and diapers in the rivers and oceans. We should go after 3rd world countries, it’s an environmental disaster there

    1. It so happens that the USA is one of the least polluting major industrial countries in the world.

    2. Yes, I’ve been to Taiwan and seen their “binjo ditches” (openly used as toilets) and smelled the burning trash.

      Actually I’ve smelled the burning trash in my neighbor’s back yard on weekends right here in Northeast Florida. Have also seen miles and miles of sugar cane fields being burned off in South Florida West of Miami and thousands of acres being burned by the USDA Forestry Service and the State Parks as “controlled burns”.

      [I believe I just defeated our argument.]

  17. Presidential frontrunner Joe Biden said “we choose truth over facts”! Truth is entirely subjective to Democrats, they lie like they breath! What they say, no matter how untrue it is becomes their truth they will choose to believe! Facts can be proven to exists; so don’t chose the facts.

    1. “Truth is entirely subjective to Democrats” Michael

      Michael, and a whole troop of others here, are confused by their use of projection. As shown on IJR, Republicans use projection all of the time. Sorry, Michael, but it didn’t work.

  18. “For President Trump….it’s all about the money.” ROTFLMAO! SERIOUSLY! What a blithering idiot Pelosi is, for saying something that is just so easily shown to be wrong. This is what is known as “Projecting”, where Pelosi is projecting HER failings onto others, and trying to claim some form of high ground. FAIL!

  19. The MSM didn’t call out Obama for his “if they bring a knife, you bring a gun” comment. I wonder if they will say anything against Pelosi’s inflammatory remark. Nah, they’ll probably applaud it.

  20. The democrats always out spend the republicans. Their money comes from the party rich and their corporate supporters, Who must be suicidal, since if the socialist ever get control, they will nationalize the their businesses.

  21. The greatest lie ever told….Do It for the Children.

  22. When you change your stance on abortion, then you can talk about doing something “for the children”. Until then, STFU.

  23. Why are they so concerned about the children? Is it because if we re-elect our president they might just loose their wedge on the indoctrination of all of our children?
    They have done nothing in over three years except try to negate our votes, yet they keep cheating on the voting process by attempting to get Popular Vote over Electoral College, so that 5 or 6 states can name their own president and vice president. They have attempted to run OUR President out of office because they will not even give a hint that they are working FOR us.
    The only reason they want open borders is to get more voters even if they are illegal. Then there is the “Squad” that has turned the government into a hate House. And they not only condone it but cheer them on.
    If that is what you democrat supporters want, then so be it, but you are becoming a minority in the U.S.A.

  24. Wow they are so power hungry they will say and cause anything to get elected

  25. More dog whistles from leftie politicians to commit violence on others.

  26. How is there a single sane or rational American still voting for and supporting the Democrat Party?
    No, really, its a serious question! Good gracious I cannot figure out how people look, watch and listen to these people, yet still yell out YES, YES I’m a Democrat!
    Dear God, watch over this Republic and keep US safe from the Party of our Destruction….

  27. for the children? the woman scrafice children while in the womb or out of womb. she believes in full term abortion

  28. If a conservative made a statement like that the MSM would be all over them for inciting violence!

  29. She should stop being like Jimmy Kimmel and the enablers of invaders. She should stop using children as props. That’s cynical, power-hungry, and hypocritical.

    Did she or the other bobblehead Dims ever stop to think that they are killing future voters?

    Advocating political violence is NOT a good way to push a child-welfare message.

    1. Future voters? They can just import more Illegals as they’ve done since #44.

  30. If anything is to be done for the children (lately what children is the question), how about the dissolution of the Democratic party and the bad example it sets for the “children”.

  31. I’ve asked this before, but which children is Nancy referring to? The ones whose butchery her party so gleefully celebrates or is she talking about the invading illegal kiddies?

    She can’t have it both ways. Either she cares about all children or she’s a liar and hypocrite. That answer is too easy.

  32. So, suggesting a violent action Nancy? So compassionate, so peace loving, so hypocritical. You preach peace and non-violence but your every statement has an element of violence in it.

    1. She IS advocating violence for political ends. I said the same in a post now disappeared. Thanks IJR.

      So did “kicking” Holder, gun-armed Obozo (who apparently knew there was a knife fight, but chose to go anyway.), Mad Max, and even mad-bomber Madonna.

      A bobblehead like Phyllis will drag up a laundry list of “right wing” people who used/advocated violence. Unfortunately she’s too stupid to understand that THEY are not political figures or celebrities.

  33. I have been wondering when the socialist dimwits would pull the it’s for the children card! They will stoop to any level to push their bull shit agenda!

  34. The Democratic Party has already shown where it stands regarding children. It believes in aborting them no matter what the term is their in, if they happen to survive that then leave them to die and prosecute any doctor who tries to prevent it, encourage the buying and selling of children so illegals can circumvent the laws designed to prevent undesirables from entering the United States all while encouraging teaching the children confusing ideas about sex when all they should be concerned with is learning their ABCs and how to count, add, subtract, etc., etc., etc. These are the things the Democrats want for your children and they’re willing to fight for it. But the people can fight back by voting these lame brained totalitarian wannabes out of a job.

  35. The Dumbascraps will drink the punch, thinking that it’s Kool-Aid, and Trump will triumph…

  36. Strange how anytime certain provable facts are mentioned it spouts FORBIDDEN PRIVATE instead of posting.

  37. Which children Pelosi? The millions killed each year through abortion, which your party supports the killing of, or the children you need to brainwash into thinking they are born in the wrong body? With your party in power, children have no chance to live a normal or safe life.

  38. The Democrat party is about finished. Not one of their candidates sounds sane or a believer in our Representative form of gov. Their ideals shred the Constitution. I Give Wang credit for at least looking ahead to when A.I. Destroys many jobs. His thinking on many other things is scary though.

  39. Hey, Nancy. You can’t throw a punch for the children — you’ve aborted them all!

    1. Yes, Nutty Nancy, when their spinal cords are snipped, they no longer have a voice…

  40. Piglosi belongs to the party of hate, racism, lies and one party rule (communism). She fully intends, along with ALL other demonrats/communists to take this country any way she can, even by force if necessary. You will have to take it by force piglosi because people like me love this country and our freedom and we will NOT give into your dictatorship willingly. My term of enlistment, in the military, did not expire so I will defend her with my life if necessary. Republicans and conservatives need to be ready when the communists try to take our freedom and that means get out and vote. Anyone who does not vote will be assumed to be on the communist side. DO NOT TAKE THIS ELECTION FOR GRANTED……………..VOTE!!!!!!!!

  41. She’s an idiot. Nobody should listen to her. Voters don’t give a crap about “throwing a punch” voters want policies and solutions. #tulsi2020

  42. What children Nancy? You mean the thousands the Democrats are sanctioning the murder of through Planned Parenthood and other slaughter houses? Are those the ones you have in mind?!?!

  43. Doesn’t it just figure that D-RATs would resort to physical violence—–just like Adolph’s Nazi’s. Hope this kumquat ends up in jail. Or—– we would like to see “her” get punched in the mouth—-wouldn’t that be social justice? Jailed for inciting violence—-the very thing the hypocritical D-RATs accuse retardlicans of doing—–hypocritical skunks!

  44. Right, our “children” will be better off living under statist governmental oppression, which the Democrats clearly intend to impose on the United States. If you want socialism, Pelosi, take your pals and move to Venezuela, Cuba, or North Korea, and save the rest of us the misery.

  45. If you would take care of the people of the USA and California PERIOD. we wouldn’t have to worry about the children now would we. All I heard was We can’t lose to TRUMP(personal Agenda) do it for the hose, the senate and the illegal children. Get this lady a appt. with Dr. Kavorkian.

    1. Tiny fists of fury. But I admit I spend my money on things that pollute and promote my kids in the workplace above other’s kids. Those choices should be made by the government to ensure fairness and more caring of the earth” say the Democrat candidates. Can the government really be trusted to those high idealistic standards?

  46. Unfortunately for the Dem. Party lately it appears as though its “desire” for American children does not extend to giving them an America full of promise and potential, both personal and social, like the one they grew up in. Rather many in the party seem bent on giving children the “joy” of growing up in failed Socialist experiments .

  47. Nancy, the 80s called and they want the phrase “for the children” back.

    She claims it’s for the kids, despite staunchly supporting the murder of them. Or maybe she means the children of illegals.

    1. Everything she advocates is “for the children’s” good; even murdering them as soon as they’re born. Guess she needs to save the money to spend on her Illegal Alien Invader neighbors or the homeless pukes who are urinating, defecating and dropping their needles at the front doors of businesses in Commiefornia. State is a living example here in the United States of a Third World Sh**hole; but she’s holed up behind her compound walls and sees no evil and hears no evil..

  48. It does appear that with the RNC nearly tripling the DNC’s fundraising take in July that the writing is on the wall for the Socialists. Obviously, the intelligent Americans (and some lower-IQ types) are not buying all the BS the Socialists are shoveling and that there will be a second term for Trump.

    1. Actually, all the IQ labeling being thrown around proves nothing. I know some very HIGH IQ’d people who have zero common sense and vice versa, not so high on the scores, but know basic right from wrong. The Democrats position on everything is wrong. It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure it out.

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