Pelosi Taunts Trump Over Wall Funding: I’ll Give Him ‘One Dollar’

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) sarcastically extended a new wall funding offer to President Donald Trump at a press conference late Thursday — just one dollar.

Asked by a reporter if there was a situation where she would accept “even a dollar of wall funding” to re-open the government, Pelosi took the question literally and had a laugh with House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.).

“A dollar?” Pelosi quipped. “A dollar. One dollar, yeah, one dollar.”

Watch the video below, via NBC News:

After laughing with her colleague and the assembled reporters, Pelosi made clear that she stands firm in her opposition to Trump’s proposed border wall.

“The fact is, a wall is an immorality,” she explained. “It’s not who we are as a nation.”

“And this is not a wall between Mexico and the United States that the President is creating here. It’s a wall between reality and his constituents. His supporters.”

Pelosi argued that Trump’s continued demands for a wall on the southern border are a distraction from the president to keep his supporters from seeing or caring about other actions of his administration:

“He does not want them to know what he’s doing to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security in his budget proposal. He does not want them to know what he’s doing to clean air and clean water and the rest in his Department of Interior and of EPA. He does not want them to know how he is hurting them, so he keeps the subject on the wall.”

“He’s a master of diversion,” she added. “We’re trying to open up government. We’re giving him a mature path to do so, not in our language, but in the Senate language.”

The new Democratic House majority voted late Thursday to pass a series of spending packages to re-open the government, but it’s unlikely that they will receive a vote in the Republican-held Senate without funding for the border wall.

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The wall is all bullshit. It’s a talking point for is retard minions. Not one more dollar. Increase food stamps for the poor. Trumptards are some disgusting creatures.


Thank you Nancy now we no how much YOU think a American lives are worth $1.00.


Major eye roll on the diversion stuff. Who is helping him with this big diversion? Shut up, fund the fancy fence, then get started on actually solving the immigration issue or fixing other issues that the president is addressing incorrectly with EOs.

Also, this isn’t funny. Some people are genuinely hurting during shutdowns. When you laugh over this, you look just as bad as the President.

Jeff T.

Let’s be real…everything that the Democrats accuse Trump of – they are guilty of themselves. They project their ill-will and anti-American ideals like we aren’t smart enough to understand. They are the problem, completely!





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