Pelosi Takes the Opportunity to Sting Trump After His Former Aide Roger Stone Is Indicted

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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi took a stab at President Donald Trump on Friday morning after his former aide, Roger Stone, was indicted on a handful of counts of lying to Congress.

Caught on Capitol Hill, Pelosi told the press, “It is very interesting to see the kinds of people that the president of the United States has surrounded himself with.”

Pelosi added, “but it’s also bothersome to see [Stone’s] connections to Russia and the president’s suggestions that we should question whether we should be in NATO, which is a dream come true for Vladimir Putin.”

Watch the video below, via ABC News:

Pelosi and Trump’s relationship has always been strained and it hasn’t gotten any better under the government shutdown. Trump insisted that he wouldn’t sign any deal that didn’t fund his border wall and Pelosi insisted that she wouldn’t pass any deal that included funding for the wall.

On Friday, Trump buckled and announced that he would sign a three-week deal that will fund the government.

Meanwhile, the Roger Stone indictment unfolded in Fort Lauderdale, where the longtime political operator was arrested before dawn then arraigned in a federal court. Stone was a Trump campaign associate but came under the shadow of the Russia investigation after he repeatedly teased his contacts with Wikileaks.

The charges against Stone all relate to a testimony that he gave to the House Intelligence Committee in which Mueller’s team says that he lied on a handful of occasions. The special counsel also says they have documents proving that Stone lied in his testimony.

Stone maintains that he is innocent and that he will never flip on Trump. That’s probably welcome news to the president after a number of his former insiders have turned on him.

Stone was released on $250,000 bond and outside the courthouse, was booed by the crowd who also chanted “lock him up” at the former Trump aide.

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Buddy Lea

Let me get this straight. You get upset when people lie to you, but it’s okay for you to lie to us?

Karen Lester

I think Pelosi needs to be locked up with him for embezzeling money from the American tax payer in the form of a paycheck. She certainly wasnt earning it on the beaches in Hawaii while Coast Guard familes couldnt feed their kids. What a waste.

Billy Jackson

Nancy is sooo simple minded and “The Leader of the Left!” Stone says he had ZERO communication with Wikileaks or Russia. He SPECULATED that Wikileaks would release more e-mails leading the FBI to think he did.

Mark Alan

cant believe Nancy Pelosi hasn’t killed herself yet. Look at the pieces of shit she surrounds herself with

Rocky Drummond

Released on a bond that he doesn’t have to pay up front. Must be nice, eh? Can you do that?

“Stone maintains that he is innocent and that he will never flip on Trump. That’s probably welcome news to the president after a number of his former insiders have turned on him.”

Didn’t most of them say something similar? Let’s wait and see Stone buckle.





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