Pelosi Warns That Trump Could Shut Down Government in the Future Whenever He Doesn’t Get His Way

Carlos Barria/Reuters

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave a dire warning about giving into President Donald Trump’s demands at the U.S. Conference of Mayors event on Wednesday.

Addressing the crowd in Washington D.C., Pelosi argued that if Democrats heed to Trump this time, the president could hold the government hostage with another shutdown in the future as well.

“There is serious and justified concern that this president would shut down the government any time he doesn’t get his way legislatively,” she said. “That’s why we must hold the line on this shutdown in government.”

Pelosi addressed that the Conference of Mayors was a bipartisan gathering, and she encouraged local Republican leaders to step up. “I say take back your party the Grand Old Party. America needs a strong Republican party, not a rubber stamp,” she argued. “Democrats and Republicans alike must urge their senators to support the bipartisan legislation to support the government that will be on the floor tomorrow.”

Pelosi is hoping that the Democrat-backed legislation heading to the Senate floor Thursday will pass in the House and temporarily reopen the government until Feb 8.

“We must reopen the government now to respect our workers, to protect our borders and to meet the needs of the American people,” she continued. “People have to understand there’s a purpose to the governance, you know it better than anyone, the public role and meeting the needs of people. People’s needs are not being met when people are not working and getting paid for their work.”

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Pelosi’s fight with Trump continues not only on the shutdown but over the State of the Union address as well. Right before Pelosi’s speech, Trump sent a letter to the speaker that said he would ignore Pelosi’s earlier assertion that she would not allow the president to give the State of the Union in the House chamber.

Read the letter below:

Soon after, Pelosi quickly fired back with a letter reminding Trump that the State of the Union can only take place in the House chamber if Congress votes for it to happen.

Read the letter below:

As Pelosi and Trump continue to clash, the government shutdown is nearing its 34th day with no permanent end in sight.

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