‘Don’t Put Your Families at Risk’: Pence Warns Caravan of 1,600 Immigrants Not to Enter the US Illegally

A caravan of Honduran immigrants is making its way north through Central America in hopes of arriving in the United States, but Vice President Mike Pence left a stern warning for those planning to enter the United States illegally.

According to the Associated Press, an estimated 1,600 Honduran immigrants are caravanning toward the United States in an attempt to escape the poverty of their home country.

Thousands of Hondurans fleeing poverty and violence move in a caravan toward the United States, in Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras October 14, 2018. REUTERS/ Jorge Cabrera

Honduras struggles with a plethora of problems, including one of the highest homicide rates of any nation and a poverty rate of 66 percent.

The caravan was originally intended to have just 160 members, but it rapidly grew to 10 times its expected size.

The group’s intended destination is the United States, but it must first make its way through Guatemala and Mexico without documentation.

While the lack of documentation may cause a problem for the caravan, the group believes its size will improve its chances of crossing into each country, according to the AP.

A man carries a baby as he walks with other Hondurans fleeing poverty and violence as they move in a caravan toward the United States, in the west side of Honduras October 14, 2018. REUTERS/ Jorge Cabrera

The group also hoped its size will deter robbers and other criminals from targeting it.

While the caravan may be optimistic about its travels, Pence called on the group to reconsider its “dangerous journey” and urged Central American officials to ask their citizens to stay put in their home countries.

“Tell your people: Don’t put your families at risk by taking the dangerous journey north to attempt to enter the United States illegally,” the vice president stated.

Pence was not being hyperbolic when he called the caravan’s journey “dangerous.” Not only do the individuals face potentially dangerous criminals, but they must also survive the physical demands of the journey. The number of heat-related deaths for migrants near the U.S.-Mexico border rose this summer.

President Donald Trump has previously tweeted his frustration with the caravans of immigrants heading toward the United States, claiming that the caravans prove the United States has “weak” border policies.

The Trump administration looks like it wants these migrants to consider the risk they are taking while making this journey in the hopes of entering the U.S. illegally.


  1. Do not let them into our country we have to take a stand if it means kill in ng afew of them.thats to bad .

  2. Banana Bana Fo Fana.
    I’m sorry life sucks in Honduras and Guatemala, et al, but that is the fault of their corrupt governments.
    Let their U.S. Dumbocrat sponsors move south to take care of these people or sponsor them through legal
    U.S. law. This inundation from the south, Far East, MidEast, is only going to bring about our collapse and only leftists in this country want that.
    Lock and load, real Americans.
    It will be a calamity, but there may come a day when bloodshed will be indicated. Our U.S. Government is failing ‘We The People.’

    1. You are nuts.

      “that is the fault of their corrupt governments.”

      The US has had a huge hand in what has caused the corruption in nearby countries, what makes these countries still dangerous today. General Torrijos of Panama was not the first and certainly not the last dictator that caused problems in the area, but he was typical of the time. People just disappeared off of the streets; it’s still a familiar theme today. Who do you think was responsible for him being in power there, or Noriega? The War On Drugs and anti-Communist actions only exacerbated the risks and dangers.

      Until these historical causes for today’s problems are resolved, there won’t be any relief from the influx of refugees. It has nothing to do with what “leftists” want.

      And buckle up, buddy. If you think the US has migrant and refugee problems now, wait a few years for the influx of environmental refugees that has already started (Syria, for one). These are the people who will go looking around the world for places that have food, water and sub-40°C temperatures because we can’t stop messing with our only home. You ain’t seen nothing yet!

      1. I agree with a large part of your post but that last paragraph had me shaking my head and laughing.

        1. Morte, ya gotta realized that insipid thinks he’s the master of suspense now, also.

      2. Intrepidly stupid, are you fine with having the rest of the world come across our borders illegally? I for one feel a need to man the border and shoot anyone trying to come across border and I am pretty sure that I can legally because they are invading our country.

        1. If we don’t do something to stop the rise in temperature, there won’t be enough bullets to stop the influx of migrants, and we have a ton of bullets.

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