‘Today Our Boys Are Coming Home’: VP Pence Welcomes Remains of Our Korean War Vets in Touching Speech


Vice President Mike Pence welcomed home our missing Korean veterans in a somber ceremony. 

The bodies of American soldiers killed in North Korea during the Korean War were being held until President Donald Trump met with Chairman Kim Jong Un and negotiated the return

Pence met the veterans on behalf of the president, saying he has “never been more humbled” to represent the president. 

The many rows of soldiers’ caskets were draped in the American flag behind the vice president as he spoke.


Some have called the Korean War the ‘Forgotten War,’ but today, we proved these heroes were never forgotten. Today, our boys are coming home. President Trump asked me to be here on this day on his behalf, and honestly, I’ve never been more humbled to be asked to represent him. You see, as the admiral just said, my dad, Lieutenent Ed Pence, fought in combat in the Korean War. He came back with a medal on his chest, but my dad, gone now 30 years, always told us that the real heroes of the Korean war were the ones that didn’t get to come home. 

The vice president also joined Fox News’ Pete Hegseth after the ceremony to discuss why it was important for the administration to make sure these soldiers made it home. 


Hegseth: You watched the dignity with which they treated every single flag-draped container. What is it about America where we say we’re going to bring you home, even 65 years later with dignity? 

Pence: You’re a combat veteran. My dad was a combat veteran. There is a promise — sometimes spoken, often not spoken — that we leave no man behind, and that’s what great nations do. And today what the American people saw, and frankly the world saw, was the United States of America saying that we will keep that promise, even nearly 7 decades later. And we will afford the honor and the recognition and the compassion that the families of our fallen and the fallen are due. 

Pence did not disappoint the president with his touching speech and ceremony for the returned veterans. 

The president also thanked Kim for returning the Americans to their home, and also announced his appreciation for a letter Kim sent the president, thanking him for working to improve relations between the two nations. 

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