Pence Calls It an ‘Outrage’ to Compare Migrant Shelters to Concentration Camps

Vice President Mike Pence is knocking down the claim that migrant detention facilities at the U.S.-Mexico border are comparable to concentration camps.

“I hope first and foremost that we put to lie this slander against Customs and Border Protection,” Pence told CNN following his visit to border migrant shelters in Texas. “People saying that families and children are being held in concentration camps is an outrage.”

“The Nazis killed people,” the vice president added. “Our Customs and Border Protection, as you heard today, are saving lives every day.”

“I hope we also move past this rhetoric about a manufactured crisis. The president wanted me to come down here today to look in on how families are being treated, but also to be able to show the American people that this system is overwhelmed, it’s overcrowded and Congress has got to step up to end this crisis of illegal immigration at our southern border.”

As IJR Red previously reported, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) sparked controversy after she claimed the “U.S. is running concentration camps on our southern border and that is exactly what they are.” Although the congresswoman is an outspoken critic of the president’s immigration moves, she was called out for “hypocrisy” after voting down a bill to provide $4.6 billion in border aid — later saying she did so to “send a message.”

A reporter, who was at the same facility as Pence, detailed one of the detention facilities with nearly 400 men as overcrowded and said many of the migrant men were sleeping on concrete, as IJR News reported.

Pence told the American people the “time for action is now, and the time for Congress to act, to end the flow of families coming north from Central America to our border, is now.”

The vice president’s call on Congress to take action to address the border crisis comes at a time that the past four consecutive months had over 100,000 total migrant apprehensions at the southern border per month — with 104,344 total in May.

Watch Pence’s interview below:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) — who previously proposed changes to the U.S. asylum laws to address the border situation — was a part of Friday’s visit to the southern border, calling it “a very informative trip” and praised border agents for their work.

“We spent time listening to the brave men and women serving our nation on the border and the many struggles they face,” Graham tweeted late Friday. “They are heroes and I, for one, truly appreciate their service. I plan to introduce a resolution thanking them for their honorable service under the most difficult of circumstances.”

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Somebody bring up Facebook, find out where his children and grandchildren live, and see how he would react to kid-napping.

Jade Obrien
Jade Obrien

The door to freedom is open. They can walk out and go back to where they came from any time they choose. I don’t hear anyone talking about that. They are not prisoners. They can leave the same way they came in. They just can’t walk into the USA without having the right papers. They don’t seem to want to walk back out so I guess it is not as bad as where they came from.


How about we call them: “Invader Resettlement Community Estates”?
And a “gated” community too. How elitist and privileged.


“Concentration camps” were where the (National) Socialists decided to ship citizens based on religion, politics, etc. Let’s repeat that: CITIZENS.

These criminals literally broke our laws and they are NOT citizens.

best solution: mark them and turn them right around.
workable solution: penalize them for their acts by making them work. Mark them and ship them back.


I say ship them back immediately. No bennies purchased with our tax dolllars. Even acknowledging the idiot “concentration camp” label is stupid.

However, if we are feeding them then let’s give the “jobs” as they claim to desire. Make them build a wall, strictly supervised, to recoup the cost of their upkeep.

Then ship them back.


The left & globalists created this by, literally, running ads in So. America. Soros’s head guy of the group doing this has now been arrested in Mexico. I think there are a few leftie senators & congressmen that need the same treatment.


No one ever chose to go to a concentration camp. The Democraps just can’t stop comparing the present administration to the Nazis and that is not only ridiculous, and redundant, but utterly false.


Start shipping them BACK to their own countries within days of arriving, TADAAAA, crisis of overcrowding eliminated!!!





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