‘I Don’t Apologize for It’: Pence Is ‘Proud’ to Stand for Life Amid Recent Bills Limiting Abortion

Amid recent controversial pro-life state bills, the vice president is reiterating his stance on the hot topic, defending his pro-life views as he said he “couldn’t be more proud.”

“I’m pro-life. I don’t apologize for it,” Vice President Mike Pence said on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings With Maria” aired Friday. “I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of a pro-life administration.”

The topic of abortion isn’t a fresh discussion, but in recent weeks, several states have passed abortion banning laws, continuing the argument of pro-life vs. pro-choice across the U.S.

Some of these cases include the state of Georgia passing legislation to ban abortions after the babies’ heartbeat can be detected, Alabama’s governor signing the strictest anti-abortion bill to ban nearly all abortions, Lousiana’s governor becoming the first Democrat this year to sign the heartbeat ban, and Missouri becoming the ninth state this year to pass an anti-abortion bill.

As for the Trump administration’s stance on abortion, Pence praised President Donald Trump as the “most pro-life president in American history, and we hope for the day that we see the sanctity of life restored at the center of American law.”

When asked about taking the lead on states’ decisions, the vice president said it’s up to the American people. He believes the sanctity of life is ultimately being upheld across the country.

“I have to tell you as I look around the country today, I think life is winning in America.  I mean more and more young people are embracing the sanctity of life, we’re seeing states around the country that are taking efforts to advance the sanctity of life in laws.”

However, Pence took a jab at Democrats who are seemingly “lurching toward late-term abortion, and even infanticide.”

Watch the video below:

While the Trump administration presses for support of the sanctity of life, several 2020 Democratic candidates are vowing to push pro-abortion positions if they become elected, as IJR Red reported.


  1. Vice-President Pence is a man of principal but not so much that he is blind to reality, unlike so many of his detractors.

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