‘The Matter Is Entirely Over’: Pence Tells Dems Americans Want to ‘Move On’ from Mueller’s Probe

Vice President Mike Pence clocked congressional Democrats’ call for the president’s impeachment as he’s telling them to move on and start “making a difference” for the American people.

Following special counsel Robert Mueller’s public press conference on Wednesday — as he addressed his Russia report and laid out his resignation — Democrats’ desire to see President Donald Trump booted from office only increased.

In case you missed it:

Pence told Fox Business Network’s “Mornings With Maria” in an interview aired Friday that he was “pleased” to see the special counsel deliver a “case closed.”

“The Special Counsel sent his report. And he concluded that there was no collusion. And after a review of the facts, the Department of Justice confirmed there was no collusion, no obstruction.”

“The American people want to see this Congress move on,” Pence added. “Move on to the things that are making a difference in their lives.”

As for the part of Mueller’s statement when he said, “If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so,” it has only driven more impeachment talks.

Pence responded to the impeachment calls:

“I wouldn’t know why there would be.

[…] And we know that that the Russia interfered in the 2016 elections. We don’t believe it affected the outcome in anyway, but we’ve held them accountable for that. We’ve taken steps to insure that that doesn’t happen again. […] Now even the Special Counsel confirmed that there was no collusion between our campaign and and the Russians. And the Department of Justice has confirmed that there was no collusion, no obstruction.”

Watch the full interview below:

“The matter is entirely over, it’s entirely closed. The American people got the answers,” the vice president declared, suggesting Congress start placing focus on jobs and security for the American people.


  1. Pence and Trump want to move on and expect Congress and the American people to accept their version of what Mueller’s report said. Donny may be so stupid that he really believes that he was exonerated by the report. He doesn’t read things, so he has no actual idea what the report says. Pence, on the other hand, is an intelligent guy, a closeted gay man IMO, but intelligent. He has probably read the report, and he knows damned well that it doesn’t exonerate Trump. He just has to tow the party line, or he will not be on the 2020 ticket…

  2. President Trump HAS NOT Committed any Crimes…It was the Democratic Party that even t ld all Americans they did them! They are not ashamed of their Traitor Condition and will never quit unless they are stopped and put out of commission in America from Our Politics! Wake Up America…Hitler Hilary killed Our Fellow Americans in Benghazi to cover up Obama and Holder’s Gun running to Syria and no telling what else for! Our FBI and CIA knows that and has not been given the “Green Light” to pick her up and try her for her Crimes of Murder…..it would never be discovered if she allowed those People to KILL Them that would be willing to tell Us about the Crimes of Obama and Holder, and guess who gave the Order so the Killing would happen…OBAMA! Are you so ignorant you cannot see what happened…the same for every person murdered to look like suicide that was affiliated with Clintons and Obama!

    1. Wow, Tolowan, you are completely brainwashed by the Orange Turd, aren’t you. First off, he may not have committed any crimes, but he may have, is what the Mueller report says. So, read it for yourself, if you can read, and stop accepting a complete liar’s version of it. But, your comment makes it clear that you are too far gone to read it with an open mind, so never mind – enjoy life in your bubble of ignorance (and you are probably a racist, too!)

  3. Mueller is a Slimebag Traitor and Nothing of his findings should of been turned lose once Trump read it and found that he had decided nothing for the good of the American Public having to deal with the Nasty Democrats and all their Criminal activities and lying for the past years since Trump has been Our President and especially the crimes they are getting bu with before Trump during the Obama Regime! Obama is in another Country running his mouth over our Guns and he just needs to be told to stay there and never allow him back into America! He believes he still is President or Expects to be soon and he just needs to be stopped period!!

  4. Trying to cover up Trump’s crime. Read Mueller’s report before you open your mouth to defend a traitor.

  5. Mueller’s report says that Donald Trump committed impeachable offenses. Republicans want to ignore it. Republicans consider the POTUS above all law?

    1. Could you cite the exact place where you read that in Mueller’s report?

    2. Mueller’s report says no such thing. If your side of the aisle sets a precedent saying you can make up false charges against a president and impeach him for objecting to being publicly hounded over them, we’re going to have a field day with the next Democrat president.

  6. NOT, for “Them” ! . . . I E the DEMOCRATS !

  7. Congress is broken as long as Mitchy is the leader in the Senate. Not even bringing items to the floor for a vote. He has too much power for one man. I truly believe that he knows that many of the bills would pass with Republican support.. He still has the president in his pocket for the veto. Congress should be representing the people not using their position to fill their own pockets. This goes for both sides of the isle.

  8. You are so wrong. We, Americans, want justice and those who violated the laws and our Constitution have to be proceessed according to the law. No one is above the law. Not you, not the Liar in Chief, not Barr who should resign.

    1. Haven’t figured out yet that your nasty name calling and words are useless? I’ve been an American longer than you and I don’t think that your kind of justice is what loyal law abiding “We,Americans,” want. Still butt hurt over old Hillary losing, are you?

      1. not really butt frump is a joke, Capt. bone spur

    2. Minerva dear whatever flavor kool aid you drinking…STOP! It’s killing your brain cells!

    3. Your HATE reeks from your pores and your willingness to throw away the rights of those you hate just proves your hypocrisy.

      1. You OBVIOUSLY have no idea about The Constitution and what is contained therein.

    4. Are you serious. Hilary smashed phones and lied to Congress and colluded with Russia and paid for the false investigation of Trump. Sold uranium to Russia for her own pocket book.None of that is worthy of justice but a attack on the president that was totally false is. Are you that ignorant of the facts or brainwashed by the false media. I want justice and Hillary Comey Lynch obummer and many more tried to take down a elected president. The fake media lied for two years about facts that did not exist and now you think they are telling you the truth

      1. Please do your research before posting bs. .. There is a reason that the then republican majority didn’t even bother to try saying Clinton committed murder or colluded with Russia. As for your debunked Russian uranium lie:
        “The Committee on Foreign Investments has nine members, including the secretaries of the treasury, state, defense, homeland security, commerce and energy; the attorney general; and representatives from two White House offices (the United States Trade Representative and the Office of Science and Technology Policy).

        The committee can’t actually stop a sale from going through — it can only approve a sale. The president is the only one who can stop a sale, if the committee or any one member “recommends suspension or prohibition of the transaction,” according to guidelines issued by the Treasury Department in December 2008 after the department adopted its final rule a month earlier.

        For this and other reasons, we have written that Trump is wrong to claim that Clinton “gave away 20 percent of the uranium in the United States” to Russia. Clinton could have objected — as could the eight other voting members — but that objection alone wouldn’t have stopped the sale of the stake of Uranium One to Rosatom.

        “Only the President has the authority to suspend or prohibit a covered transaction,” the federal guidelines say.

        We don’t know much about the committee’s deliberations because there are “strong confidentiality requirements” prohibiting disclosure of information filed with the committee, the Treasury Department says on its website. Some information would have become available if the committee or any one of its members objected to the sale. But none of the nine members objected.

        “When a transaction is referred to the President, however, the decision of the President is announced publicly,” Treasury says.

        We don’t even know if Clinton was involved in the committee’s review and approval of the uranium deal. Jose Fernandez, a former assistant secretary of state, told the New York Times that he represented the department on the committee. “Mrs. Clinton never intervened with me on any C.F.I.U.S. matter,” he told the Times, referring to the committee by its acronym.
        The Nuclear Regulatory Commission

        It is also important to note that other federal approvals were needed to complete the deal, and even still more approvals would be needed to export the uranium.

        First, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission had to approve the transfer of two uranium recovery licenses in Wyoming from Uranium One to the Russian company. The NRC announced it approved the transfer on Nov. 24, 2010. But, as the NRC explained at the time, “no uranium produced at either facility may be exported.”

        As NRC explained in a March 2011 letter to Republican Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming, the Russian company would have to apply for and obtain an export license and “commit to use the material only for peaceful purposes” in accordance with “the U.S.-Russia Atomic Energy Act Section 123 agreement for peaceful nuclear cooperation.”

        In a June 2015 letter to Rep. Peter Visclosky, the NRC said it granted RSB Logistics Services an amendment to its export license in 2012 to allow the Kentucky shipping company to export uranium to Canada from various sources — including from a Uranium One site in Wyoming. The NRC said that the export license allowed RSB to ship uranium to a conversion plant in Canada and then back to the United States for further processing.

        Canada must obtain U.S. approval to transfer any U.S. uranium to any country other than the United States, the letter says.

        “Please be assured that no Uranium One, Inc.-produced uranium has been shipped directly to Russia and the U.S. Government has not authorized any country to re-transfer U.S. uranium to Russia,” the 2015 letter said.

        “That 2015 statement remains true today,” David McIntyre, a spokesman for the NRC, told us in an email.” from “the facts on uranium one”
        Finally, Trump is not an elected president. The popular vote went to Clinton.

    5. What about Crooked Hill and that treasonous POS Obama? The Clintons have literally gotten away with murder. The meddling happened under Obama and so did Spy Gate! Let’s see how much justice your liberal idiot head wants once we get to see all the declassified docs our wonderful President pushed to be seen! #MAGA!

  9. The investigation on Trumpet is far from over. He is a criminal, swindler, he lies constantly. He cozies up to all dictators at the expense of our own solid Americans. He is slowly running our Country in a very deep hole. How can Pence say it is a done deal.

  10. This won’t end because the Dumbos dwelll in swill.

  11. If the clowns in this administration really considered this matter “over” they wouldn’t be investigating the investigators. They only agree with answers they like and otherwise they lie and stonewall. Shame on all of them and they will be appropriately judged in the annals of history when that times comes.

  12. It is over for Trump, but it is just beginning for the ‘deep state’.

  13. Most non-productive congress in history! Trying to impeach when there is no crime is a waste of time and tax dollars.

    1. Have you read the report? Did you listen to Mueller’s statement? You must be part of the 1% or you marching lockstep with the other sheep that voted for him. He’s a Judas goat leading his followers to the slaughter. In someways you have to feel sorry for him. He can’t even see that he is being used and played by the Republican party. If you had listened to Mueller’s statement and read the report it didn’t exonerate trump. He couldn’t indite trump while in office, so it had to be turned over to congress. That report belongs to the American people paid for it, we should have access to form our own opinion not what they want us to believe. There are plenty of other crimes he can be indited on at the state level and he can’t be pardoned by another president if he his convicted. Remember Watergate. Nixon was going to be impeached for covering up the break in and obstructing justice.

    2. As have the last 2 years also been a terrible waste of money. Mueller did not do what he was appointed to do but Barr will.

  14. I watched jimmy falloff live last night, when he had ole “pigface” on and she was so bent on impeaching President Trump, and falloff keep egging her on and the fools that were there were nothing but dim wits and libturds that had TDS so bad that they couldn’t see the forest for the trees so to speak!!!!! Everyone that was President Trump out of office is so butt hurt, that they will still try anything to get there!!!!! Only problem is, that they will be really hurting themselves come November!!!!! Pigface, said it 3 times I believe, that she took an oath to defend the “CONSITITUTION”!!!!!! In that oath, if it is the same one that I took when I joined the military in 1969, and it is as follows: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.” When has she take that “oath” to heart!!!!!! When has any of the dim wits, libturds or rino’s in office taken this to heart??????? The onky time they defend the Constitution is when it will benefit them!!!! Which they think is right know to get RID PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!! A sorry sad of affairs!!!!!!

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