People Are Disgusted at NFL Players Kneeling Day After 59 People Killed in Las Vegas Shooting

In light of the horrific massacre that took place in Las Vegas Sunday evening, resulting in the death of 59 people and more than 500 injured, the NFL reversed its decision to not air the national anthem during games and the anthem was played during Monday Night Football.

And, despite everything that ensued the day before, multiple players for the Kansas City Chiefs still decided to protest during the anthem before Monday night’s game against the Washington Redskins, The Washington Post writes.

While kneeling was a controversial issue prior to the shooting, many felt disgusted over the fact players would kneel after such a sorrowful event.

During the national anthem, Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters and linebacker Ukeme Eligwe remained seated for the anthem, while linebacker Justin Houston knelt.

Many were outraged over the players’ actions, and took to social media to expresses their disapproval:

Our prayers go out to all those affected Sunday evening.

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