Do People Really Look That Different In Before And After Photos? The Secret To Faking The After Pic.

It’s hard to watch anything on television these days without seeing a commercial about some weight loss supplement that’s claiming it’s the newest and hottest fat burner on the market.

As we all know, these commercials always seem to contain before and after photos of “real” people who used the product to transform themselves into looking a hundred times better.

It’s no surprise that seeing such amazing results in these commercials makes us want to believe these products really can make us look just the way we want. Despite our best efforts at believing this, the reality is that many of these weight loss commercials are using subtle techniques to make models look thinner and more defined.

To prove this point, BuzzFeedBlue asked regular people to pose for instant “before and after” photos of themselves. The only difference in the pictures would be where the light was shining and how they positioned their body for the camera.

The results couldn’t be more apparent. Angle and lighting make all the difference.

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