DNC Chair Compares Trump to a ‘Category 5 Storm,’ Says ‘Hurricane Donald’ Could Damage Democracy

Democratic National Committee Chairman (DNC) Tom Perez compared President Donald Trump to a “Category 5” hurricane headed straight for U.S. democracy.

The DNC chairman has had his hand full for the past several months in managing the crowded field of 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidates as the party tries to narrow down to their pick that will take on Trump in his reelection bid.

Throughout the process, though, several candidates have felt cheated by the DNC as they are barred from competing in presidential debates for not meeting the party’s qualification standards. As IJR previously explained, only 10 candidates of the 20 Democrats still in the race will compete in Thursday’s presidential debate on ABC News.

While candidates like Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) have a diverse appeal that could help in a third-party bid, Perez is confident the party will stick together in their efforts against President Trump.

During an interview on ABC’s “This Week,” Perez told host George Stephanopolous that he sees Trump as a hurricane that all Democrats are banding together to address.

Watch Perez’s comments:

“At the end of the day, we’re together, united around beating Donald Trump and implementing our vision of inclusion and opportunity. I’m confident that congresswoman Gabbard isn’t going to run as a third-party candidate because she has said so. She’s a talented part of the Democratic Party family. And everyone in this family is going to come together in Milwaukee and through the election because we understand it’s our democracy, as we know it, that’s on the ballot. This president, I mean, this is Hurricane Donald. And it’s a Category 5 storm. In the eye of the storm is our democracy. We need to take our democracy back. All of our candidates understand the gravity of the moment. They understand whoever wins, they’re going to be supporting the Democrat.”

Perez’s comments come as the United States and the Bahama’s are working to clean up and recover following Hurricane Dorian. The storm was a Category 5 when it hit the Bahamas, killing 43 as of Friday. Dorian weakened by the time it arrived in the U.S., but the storm still brought damage to states like North Carolina.


  1. The United States is not a democracy. It’s a republic.

    Democracies always fail into socialism once the poor realize they can vote to take the wealth of the rich. (That’s probably why the Democrats keep calling us a democracy.) Socialism always brings poverty to all but the political elite and ends in revolution.

      1. Not according to Ben Franklin. Do you really think you know more about the Constitution than its authors?

  2. WHERE’S the “Always Addled One” and his/her usual Socialist supporting prattle/garbage? Figured WE are ALL “confused” by criticizing DNC’s #1 carnival barker.

    1. You are confused, of course.

      I don’t support corrupt DNC leadership.

  3. Perez is a Socialist pinche pendejo. His nomination as DNC chair puts the lie to any beliefs that the Dims are any longer “moderate”. The Lefties ARE in control.

    It’s a wonder that the “moderate” Dims are so deranged by TDS that they will NOT #walkaway from a party the Socialists have stolen. Third-party babies! Without mainstream Dim votes the Socialists cannot win AND you enabled them.

    What people who wail “muh democracy” fail to realize, or maybe they cynically do, is that democracy is exactly this: mob rule.

    That’s why we are a republic.

    1. Upon WHAT are you basing your assertion “Perez is a Socialist a-hole” or “the Left is in control”? The 2017 contest for DNC chair came down to Perez, a moderate, and Keith Ellison, a far-Left winger. In 2015, Ellison was an early Sanders supporter. Perez was a Clinton supporter. Ellison was endorsed for chairman by Warren and Sanders—WHICH DNC Chair candidate sounds moderate and which far-Left? Perez won and to unite the moderates and far-Lefties, Perez immediately named Ellison his Deputy Chair. If the Party was under the control of the far-Lefties, the choice would have been Ellison for Chair. WHY do you make ASSumptions based on your own actions. Everyone is not like you. With Trump taking over the R party, Republicans that still believe in fiscal discipline, free trade, founding principles and moral values need a place to go. IF the Democratic Socialists take over the D Party, those who believe in reality will need a place to go. Worse case scenario is the country could end up with THREE major political parties.

  4. Democracy is for you demonrat/communist turds. The rest of us are in a Republic. We do not want a democracy EVER. Please move to another planet or maybe they don’t want you either.

    1. Exactly.

      The Lefty Socialists, which is exactly what they are, understand that calling for “democracy” will eventually allow them to overturn it.

  5. If it is destroying YOUR form of democracy, fine – more power to him.

  6. Remember when …?
    “If Trump becomes President, we’ll all be in prison camps.”
    “Once Trump is President, the country will collapse.”
    “Donald Trump, will be America’s first dictator.”
    Three years later and what …?
    Now, I’m offended with their lies and hate speech.

  7. Hurricane Donald has been sweeping away the Liberal/Democrat restrictions and sludge in America and is bringing new life to the country’s economy and Constitutional rights.

  8. Well at least President Trump looks like he takes a bath every day. You don’t. Whatever that is on your face needs to be washed off. Cleanliness, or the lack thereof, says a lot about a person.

  9. Unfortunately, we have a self-priding, lying, sociopath serving as what he considers the “leader of the world.” What damage this pumpkin-faced dictator will do to the US will be seen, and not soon be corrected.

    1. Unfortunately, like all Liberals/Democrats, you have that backwards, the self-priding, lying, sociopath who was a cheat and corrupt was defeated. She should be in jail, but there were too many holdovers in the Justice Dept that let her avoid justice. There is always a chance that she will face a jury on numerous charges as well as several others in the Obama administration.

    2. Jealous much? The lying, egotistical sociopath you referred to is Hillary

    3. Join the discussion…Paul you are just another lying, racist, hateful liberal turd who, like all the rest of your party, stink like hell.

  10. Auntie Em, Auntie Em were are you!
    Toto, Toto…where are we

    Tom Perez , The Wizard of Odd,

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