PayPal Cofounder Calls Out ‘Unhealthy’ Politics in Silicon Valley, Says Most Trump Supporters Remain Silent

The co-founder of the online payment company PayPal called out the “unhealthy” political atmosphere in Silicon Valley, proclaiming that most supporters of President Donald Trump are silent there.

During an interview on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel was asked by host Maria Bartiromo if he received “pressure” because of his support for the president.

Thiel said that he believes there is “always an inside and an outside question” when it came to political censorship from tech companies and that the “inside story” for Twitter when it came to the recent lockout of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) of his Team Mitch account was not “good.”

He also said that he believes that “what’s actually going on” has an “unhealthy” feel to it that is “not good” for the politics of America.

Watch the video here:

“I think there’s always an inside and outside question. The outside questions: what are companies doing with China, are they censoring speech, and the Twitter/Mcconnell thing. You can say innocent accident or is it an intentional active political sabotage, which of the two is it?

I think one of the reason it is Republicans are so skeptical of the excuses Big Tech has for these repeated accidents is that the inside story is not good, because on the inside Twitter is not a company where you have lots of people writing checks to Senator McConnell. If you had a lot of campaign donations from Senator McConnell, we might say to Senator McConnell, ‘this is an innocent mistake’ and we won’t complain about it too much. That’s not what’s actually going on and it has sort of the feel of a very unhealthy, one-party state in a way that’s not good for Silicon Valley or for the politics of this country in general.”

Thiel continued on to say that he is the “main, outspoken supporter” of the president in Silicon Valley and that there are “many other people” in the area that also back Trump but “are not going to say it.”

As IJR Red previously reported, the National Republican Senatorial Committee announced that it would be cutting its advertising spending on Twitter after McConnell was locked out of his account.

McConnell’s access to his “Team Mitch” account has since been reinstated.


  1. That’s how Trump won the election and one of the reasons the “polls” were wrong. There are many, many, Trump supporters who remain silent because of the violent harassment of the left. The media keeps up their steady attack on him and it’s the ONLY thing the Dems have done since he’s been in office. Not the America I grew up in.

  2. It is very true. Not only in tech but ALL industries in CA. It is the secret you carry and do not say anything for fear of attack to your position, person, or property. It is always a sense of relief when you find like minded people and then band together, however few and far between…always in the shadow.

  3. It would be humorous if California began turning right as Florida is sadly turning left. The problem in FL is that we are becoming more and more inundated with a Northeasterner plague; that is not to say there are not some nice people from the northeast, it’s just that so many are flaming liberals.

    1. It’s not funny in the least as out-migration has consumed the entire Left Coast.

      We’ve commented before about those fleeing the nest they’ve fouled and bringing the same crap politics with them.

  4. Nice to hear clearly how biased is Silicon Valley.

    Twitter is just one example of this and all it takes is one liberal PC complaint to lock an account without notice plus they don’t even let the account holder know what exactly was done wrong. Best offense is to get selective in who can view and comment on your feeds which doesn’t help public figures. I feel if someone has made a complaint about a comment in your feed that causes your account to be blocked by the site, then you should know who it was so you can remove their access to your feed comments.
    In the case of McConnell’s account that same video that caused his account to be blocked was allowed to be used in other accounts. The person who was in the video felt “offended “ by the way McConnell’s account “presented “ their actions despite the fact that their actions and words were offensive.

  5. There’s still a HUGE silent majority. Yes, more people are speaking out in support of Trump. Especially Hispanic & black Americans. In ‘blue’ areas Trump’s support grows when you talk to people one on one. There is a change. Probably won’t swing most of those hardcore blue places but it will be a wake up call…no, it won’t because the left doesn’t listen.

  6. Save the Republic at all costs……EAT A DEMOCRAT……I know, sounds disgusting, but hey… to get rid if em somehow:)

  7. Finally someone with common sense in the rotten state of Kalifornication.

  8. Wouldn’t it be hilarious and hypocritical if Leftists invested in the “gun” industry? It would be just like Tom Steyer, the “American” George Soros making billions off fossil fuels, then turning around and attacking them.

    1. Steyer is full of Pelosi—-misleading and no plan—just a lot of fluff—-he is a liar.

  9. When one group controls a vital industry then it’s literally a monopoly. That they are homogeneous in politics is even worse.

    Thiel is an insider. He knows what’s happening. I hope he’ll testify at anti-monopoly proceedings.

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