Piers Morgan: Omarosa Wanted to Have Sex With Me So We Could Make Money

The White House, I imagine, couldn’t be more pleased with British television host, Piers Morgan. Tuesday night, on Tucker Carlson’s show, he revealed that the former White House aide, Omarosa Manigault-Newman, tried to get him into a sexual relationship that she said they could use to make money together.

Morgan said:

She’s absolutely appalling. I mean, literally, one of the worst human beings I’ve ever encountered in my life … She sidles up to me – I’ve never even met this woman – and she says to me, “Hey Piers, we should have a Showmance.” I said, “What’s a Showmance?” She went, “You know, on the Apprentice, everyone has sex together. So you and I could do that and then we could sell it and make loads of money.”

Watch the interview here: 

So he’s basically saying she was prostituting herself.

Morgan also notes that President Donald Trump should have had better judgment about whom he brought into the White House, which is certainly true.

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