Dem House Candidate Flounders After Being Asked Why She Pushed Anti-Semitic Stories on Social Media

Congressional candidate Valerie Plame (D-N.M.) floundered after being asked why she pushed anti-Semitic stories on social media.

Plame — a former CIA agent whose career was cut short after her identity was leaked by the Bush administration in 2003 — recently announced her bid to run for Congress to fill the seat that will be vacated in 2020 by Rep. Ben Ray Luján (D-N.M) as he prepares a Senate bid to replace retiring Senator Tom Udall (D-N.M.).

Although her past experience in the CIA and the drama that followed could boost her name recognition in the race, she will likely face continued attacks for anti-Semitic posts she made on Twitter prior to her run, as IJR reported at the time.

In tweets from 2017 that have since been deleted, Plame shared articles that pushed anti-Semitic tropes, including one that Jewish people run the media and government institutions. Both of which fall under the U.S. State Department’s definition of anti-Semitism.

One tweet she sent claimed that “Jews are driving America’s wars.” When she faced backlash for this post, she doubled down and told people to “read the entire article.”

Since she started her Congressional bid, however, she has tried to change the events surrounding the tweets. During an interview on CNN with host John Berman, Plame denied that she ever read the article. She claims she just skimmed the story and sent it out.


“The only thing that I focused on in that article was — I thought it was a very bad idea to get out of the Iran nuclear deal. That’s very much what I was focused on. I stupidly did not read the rest of the article and when I did I was really horrified.”

When Berman followed up and questioned Plame on her follow-up tweet where she told everyone to “read the entire article,” the candidate floundered.

“Even when you were saying read the entire article, you’re now saying you had just skimmed it?” questioned Berman.

Plame doubled down, again claiming that she had only skimmed the article. “It’s really foolish and I’m embarrassed by that whole episode. I shouldn’t have been anywhere near social media or a computer at that time in my life.”

While Plame claims she “did not read the rest of the article,” many argued that she should have been convinced by the headline that it wasn’t a wholesome story.

Since she was called out for her anti-Semitic tweets, Plame deleted her entire Twitter account.

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No question that she’ll be elected to fill Udall’s seat. NM is a Democratic stronghold with lots of Illegal Aliens in their sanctuary cities (Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Roswell, Las Cruces, Farmington, Deming) who will be voting to keep the freebies rolling in. All the voters there see is the (D) behind a name and vote for that (D).


Oy vey! Plame can blame ‘context’ as too many politicians now do (used to they ‘misspoke’) but she said what she said and should be judged accordingly. Don’t pols realize that there are records of their blabbering? Biden said there should be a wall; reckon he changed his mind.

Lucille Maloney

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