Planned Parenthood Embraces Abortion Access as ‘Core’ to Mission but Proudly Touts 3 Percent Statistic

Planned Parenthood and its defenders have long strayed away from embracing their title of being the nation’s largest abortion provider, however, their president said abortion rights are part of their “core mission.”

Planned Parenthood’s president Dr. Leana Wen swiped back at a Buzzfeed article that claimed she is focused on non-abortion health care, clarifying that they do focus on making sure women can have abortion services.

“First, our core mission is providing, protecting and expanding access to abortion and reproductive health care. We will never back down from that fight – it’s a fundamental human right and women’s lives are at stake,” Wen wrote on Twitter, fighting back the Buzzfeed article’s claim.

Wen’s statement on abortion rights comes as the organization has touted the controversial three percent statistic as a tactic to act as if abortion isn’t that important to them by calculating its “services” as a fraction instead of the clients to claim they offer fewer abortions.

In the fiscal year 2016 to 2017, there were 321,384 abortion procedures, according to National Review.

Watch the video below:

The organization recently found itself in the spotlight as they were accused of “sidelining, ousting or otherwise handicapping pregnant employees, according to interviews with more than a dozen current and former employees,” The New York Times reported.

Women who had worked for Planned Parenthood and accused the organization were apparently ousted and “looked down upon” by the organization for being pregnant — Wen previously responded to the accusations telling the NYT they’d “do better.”

Between the accusations and the claims the debunking of the three percent claims, along with the president’s statement how abortion rights are a “core mission” to the organization, it seems as if the topic of abortion is a larger issue within the organization than they’d like it to seem.


  1. So is the stat of 3% actually wrong? None of what is in this article actually addresses it directly. The poor quality of care is just standard of any government organization and it hardly addresses the percentage of abortion services vs all services.

    Also, abortion access would be a core mission. However, just because an organization provides the most abortion services than any other provider does not mean it doesn’t provide other services in greater number.

    1. @Phoenix
      Planned Parenthood is not a government organization, however your statement points out the level of ineptitude that most expect from the federal government, and experience from this abortion facility.

      1. Whoops, that is my bad. Thank you for the correction. I also am not sure what i was even referencing anymore, i thought there was a line somewhere about women being unsatisfied with the level of care they received for non abortion services.

        I’m going crazy it seems so don’t mind me. I still don’t see anything actually refuting that abortion services are 3% of totaly services provided though. That at least I didn’t dream up.

        Sorry – not my most well thought out post.

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