Conservative Parkland Shooting Survivor and Prom Date Get Bullied by Planned Parenthood Senior Adviser

On Thursday, Elizabeth Thorp, a senior adviser to Planned Parenthood, went after a Parkland shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv, who just happens to be an avid defender of the Second Amendment and other conservative values.

Thorp replied to a tweet from a girl who had reached out to Kashuv, asking him to prom.

“Hard pass, sweet girl,” she said. “You can do better.”


Thorp also replied to another tweet calling Kashuv a “douche.”


Kashuv confronted Thorp, asking why she feels “bullying a Parkland survivor is okay.” He added, “more importantly, why is she bullying my date?”

Thorp responded by blocking Kashuv on Twitter shortly after. “This is what love looks like,” he said.

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