Planned Parenthood ‘Double Down on Being Wrong’: Gets Wrecked Over Continued Support for Julie Swetnick

Scott Olson/Getty Images and @MichaelAvenatti/Twitter

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider,  tweeted that they “still believe” Julie Swetnick after the Judiciary Committee said they were referring Swetnick and her attorney Michael Avenatti to the Department of Justice.

Swetnick was one of the women who accused Justice Brett Kavanaugh of gang rape in high school — however, she contradicted herself later in an NBC News interview on October 1 saying she never witnessed Kavanaugh spiking drinks or involved in gang rapes, “as she had alleged under penalty of felony.”

“Swetnick made her allegations in a sworn statement to the committee on September 26,” a press release said from the Senate Judiciary Committee. “In an October 1 interview with NBC News, however, Swetnick specifically and explicitly back-tracked or contradicted key parts of her sworn statement on these and other allegations.”

“In subsequent interviews, Avenatti likewise cast serious doubt on or contradicted the allegations while insisting that he had thoroughly vetted his client.”

However, despite all of that, Planned Parenthood still showed their support for Kavanaugh’s accuser — which got them a lot of backlash.

Twitter reacted to Planned Parenthood Action’s comment:

NARAL, another pro-choice group, also tweeted “We still believe Julie Swetnick.”

They also received comments from people who weren’t so happy about their support — or lack of support for other women:

Another Planned Parenthood Action tweet got them in hot water when they claimed people would be “erased”:

Yesterday, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) referred Avenatti and Swetnick to the Department of Justice for “providing false statements, obstructing congressional investigations, and conspiracy.”

“Let’s start the investigation tonight,” Avenatti tweeted at Grassley as a response. “I will make my client available for a sworn interview and you can make [Justice] Kavanaugh available for a sworn interview.”

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Robert Aldrich

I will believe Planned Parenthood when they believe in parenthood instead of murder!


I’d hate to think Avenatti characters are the “new normal” for democrats. We’re seeing their hideous demise. It’ll consummate with the complete disappearance of such trash. It’ll take a while as there’re still blue ‘old normals’ who’ll RESIST the demise & who don’t applaud creepy porn lawyers & ridiculously stupid & greasy politicians like Max, Liz, Cory & Kamala- & who didn’t buy the PhD Ford dream or absurdly fictional train pulling exploits of Judge Kavanaugh


Not all are true victims. Some lie for revenge, some lie for money, some can’t remember and make up missing details. I witnessed that first hand. The liars make it bad for everyone.







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