Police Chief Does the ‘Only Human Thing to Do’ After Catching a Mom in Need Shoplifting Before Thanksgiving

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After a police officer responded to a shoplifting call, he went beyond his duty by helping the woman who had shoplifted — a story of tears and thankfulness for Thanksgiving.

While participating in his departments “Thanksgiving Donation Drive,” handing out Thanksgiving meals to families, Yale Police Chief Phillip Kelly responded to a call in Payne County, Oklahoma, that someone had shoplifted at a Dollar General, as seen in footage captured by News 9 — not knowing he’d soon be feeding an unexpected family.

After reviewing the surveillance that showed the woman returning items before leaving the store, the police officer recognized who the woman was and set out to find her.

Kelly found the woman and told her that she “can’t go back in there” — which brought tears and a twist to the story.

“She started crying and that made me tear up,” Kelly told News 9, sharing that the woman is a mother who lives in a car and was trying to feed her family.

“After I gave her the trespass warning, I thought to myself the only right thing to do is feed her. That is the only human thing to do.”

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Doing the “only human thing to do,” Kelly showed up with a Thanksgiving meal for the woman and her family.

“She just couldn’t stop crying and then it made me cry. I’m supposed to be a tough cop and all, but it just gets you.”

The Yale Police Department serves 40 to 50 families with their “Thanksgiving Donation Drive,” according to News 9.

“There is always somebody that needs help that is less fortunate than you. By gosh, we are going to help them,” Kelly said.

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Lucy Glorioso

Living in a car with children? How very sad. If people in dire need, as this woman evidently was, don’t apply for assistance, then how can we help them? We must be aware of their needs. Citizens everywhere should be helping to spot families like this. Our government helps everyone who needs help and they are happy to do it. God Bless this police officer who helped this family.


Let those who malign the police do better than this.

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