Police Chief Slams Tlaib After She Claims Only Black Analysts Should Use Facial Recognition Tech: ‘Insulting’

Detroit Police Chief James Craig called out Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) after she claimed that only black police analysts should be authorized to use facial recognition technology.

Tlaib — who is part of the Democratic Party’s four-woman force called the “squad” — met with Craig and other officers to tour their facilities and learn about their implementation of facial recognition software that can be used to help solve crimes.

While Craig was explaining how the software will help the city, Tlaib interjected and claimed that only black analysts should use such software to protect the people of Detriot from racial bias.

Watch Tlaib’s remarks below:

“Analysts need to be African Americans, not people that are not. Because let me tell you — No. It happens all the time. It’s true. I think non-African Americans think African Americans all look the same. I’ve see it even on the House floor. People calling Elijah Cummings ‘John Lewis’ and John Lewis ‘Elijah Cummings.’ And they’re totally different people.”

In the exchange, Craig pushed back on Tlaib’s claim that non-black officers shouldn’t use facial recognition software, saying, “I trust people who are trained, regardless of race, regardless of gender. It’s about the training.”

While there are studies that have shown that facial recognition software can be less effective at correctly matching black individuals, Tlaib’s point was that the bias isn’t in the software itself, but the individual using the software.

Craig took great offense to Tlaib’s assertion that non-black officers were unable to use the software without bias. He told WDIV that if he made such a racially charged claim, he would lose his job.

Watch Craig’s comments below:

“But the fact that she made that statement. What does that say to the members of this department who are analysts — who are trained, who are white — that they, in some way, can’t do their job professionally? That’s insulting. […] But here’s what’s troubling. As a police chief who happens to be African American in this city, if I made a similar statement, people would be calling for my resignation. Right now. We know that. So is it a double standard? That’s the number one question I have.”

In her interview with WDIV, Tlaib slightly walked back her statement by shifting the blame to the technology, instead of the individual using the technology, saying, “My job is to make sure [her residents] won’t be misidentified and detained or falsely arrested because he’s using broken technology.”

But when asked again if she stands by her comments, she again turned to blame non-black analysts.

“I stand behind my comments that facial recognition technology is broken,” Tlaib told WDIV, adding, “and relying on an analyst that may not be reflective of the suspect is flawed in itself, as well.”

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Another day, another incident of a Soviet Sister running her mouth with her *ahem* brain in neutral. Tlaib is projecting her own racism. “I think non-African Americans think African Americans all look the same. ” Tlaib IS a non-AA. Therefore SHE must think all AAs look alike. So a white, ex-Zimbabwean who’s now a US citizen MUST be indistinguishable from Michelle Obama in her eyes. She must mistake Shaquille O’Neal for Beyoncé all the time. She’s also saying that NO non-AA will be employable as a facial-recognition analyst in Detroit. THAT is employment discrimination by race. Hmm. That sounds like… Read more »


As a member of the Commie Quad Squad, Tlaib continues to re-emphasize the reason she is a DemocRAT. Her racism and ignorance flows steadily out of her pie hole.





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